Gallery: Game Library Odds & Ends (Mostly Odds)…

Odds n Ends PS Version
Hokay, I have some ‘splainin’ to do here:

I’ve played both Kane & Lynch Dead Men and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, but I’ve never actually owned the first game until a few weeks back when I saw this in a stack of games some guy was selling at a sidewalk sale. Two bucks? No problem. As for the much maligned Aliens: Colonial Marines? I never played the demo and didn’t see that footage everyone says was mocked up and not representative of the final product, so the whole controversy went over my scalp. That said, I nabbed this sealed with ALMOST all the collector’s edition goodies (no Power Loader) for ten bucks, which may seem like too much based on the acid spewed upon the game worldwide. I’ve only played about an hour and while it’s far from great, as a FPS, it’s got some fun bits here and there. My money is on Alien Isolation being a more compelling experience and provided the dopes lurking and jerking on message boards REALIZE that the new game is from a C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y different development team known for all of their games being solid experiences through and through.

Remember Me? Yes, Nilin… I do, my dear. I played the PC version (thanks, Capcom!) and loved it for the most part. Capcom also kindly sent me the Xbox 360 version, but I couldn’t play it when I got it thanks to my two busted 360’s collecting dust here. So, I gifted it to a friend so he’d crack it open (and let me review it at his place, of course) and ended up picking up the PS3 version recently for about five times less than what it retailed for last year. As for Silent Hill: Book of Memories? I love Wayforward’s games and the demo of this Vita exclusive was interesting in a “Hey, it’s like Diablo, but NOT!” manner. A few levels in, and I read that the game is pretty much the same thing from beginning to end, but has a level cap and some other stuff that makes it a bit tedious. I haven’t reached that point yet, but thanks for the forewarning, Internet… Continue reading

NEOGEO X Mega Pack 1 & Classics 1-5: Fifteen More Hits, Served Two Ways…

NGX_Mega Pack The wait for more NEOGEO X games is finally over as SNK/Playmore is giving you two ways to get this new set of arcade classics along with an update that allows save games and a bonus charging cable. NEOGEO X Mega Pack 1 features 15 titles, a firmware update and that Rocket transfer cable all for a mere $79.99. Now don’t get nuts about that price point, folks. Given the NEOGEO X Gold comes with 20 games installed, this should give you all a good idea of the value that was when it launched. That and a numbebr of actual NEOGEO games for the home console back in the day cost more (a lot more) when they were initially released and some command top dollar to this day…


Includes in the pack are Art of Fighting 3, Blazing Star, Blue’s Journey, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The King Of Fighters ’96, Kizuna Encounter, The Last Blade, Metal Slug 2, Samurai Shodown III, Savage Reign, Sengoku, Shock Troopers, Super Sidekicks 3, Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy, and World Heroes 2 Jet. The games in this collection will also be available in three-game NEOGEO X Classics Volumes (1 – 5), retailing for $24.99 with each package containing that firmware update on the game card and that Rocket transfer cable.

NGX_Classics 1-5

Obviously, the Mega Pack is the best deal here for NGX fans, but it’s great that SNK/Playmore is giving fans the opportunity to purchase this new set of 15 as three-packs. Granted, the hardcore collector might be ticked off at having to flip a coin, but I’ll bet some of them will end up with that Mega Pack and all the Classics (plus a bunch of extra Rocket transfer cales)…

NEOGEO X Classics Coming In April With Another Cool Bonus


And so it begins (or continues, actually). In case you were wondering when and how SNK/Playmore was going to be getting new NEOGEO X games out, well the mystery has been solved. In late April, selected game retailers will stock the upcoming 3-game card NEOGEO X Classics: Volume I, which is the first of five three-game card compilations on the way. This next series of game cards will feature the following arcade hits from the company’s huge library:


In addition, each card will ship with the “ROCKET” High-speed Data Transfer and Charging Travel Cable, at no additional cost. There’s also a system update on the way as well as a travel case for the handheld. More details will drop soon, so stay tuned for more. I’m quite happy with my X, so seeing it get more support is making me a happy camper indeed…

VGA 101 Gallery/Review: NEOGEO X Gold – 90’s Nostalgia Reimagined Almost Flawlessly

NGXG_LE_LogoA few days later than expected, but yes indeed, my NGX Gold has arrived. I also got a few other games as you can see in photo 1. Journey: Collector’s Edition (which is a great set of games non-gamers out there need to check out), my other copy of The Walking Dead (Best Buy screwed up and sent me the standard edition and not the BB version with the poster) alongside the Telltale version with the sticker on the case. Eh, whatever. It was the same price and I have no room here for anything on the walls but games) and The Glory of Heracles, which I couldn’t pass up for five dollars new. It didn’t get knockout reviews, but I played it for about half an hour and found it pretty amusing. I have a Heracles no Eikou game for the Super Famicom here in the library, so it’s nice to see that old series continue in the present day. OK, let’s get even more nostalgic and take a look as what’s in the box…

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The NEOGEO X Gold Heads To Retail (You HAVE Been Doing Finger Exercises, Right?)


NEOGEOX_Packaging_US_v9_LETomorrow is the big day many hardcore SNK fans have been waiting for as the NEOGEO X Gold Limited Edition system drops into selected retailers. I’m gathering the one I pre-ordered from Best Buy should pop up a few days afterward, but I can wait. Really. Still, the UPS guy here knows I’ll haunt his truck when it’s on the other side of the street early in the morning, as we get our ground deliveries here late in the afternoon (unless I happen to see him early in the morning and zip on over to save him some time later on).

Yes, I’ll post a review of the system once I get some quality time with it. I know I’ll still be awful at some of those 20 included games, but I’ve been practicing a bit over the last few weeks using the PS2 collection from a few years back and some of that rust is gone from my creaky fingers. Magician Lord, I’m coming for you! Well, it’s still more like the other way around,  but one day… one day.  At least I can complete Metal Slug without wanting to eat a couch cushion.

NEOGEO X Gold LE: Delay of Game Equals More Anticipation (As Well As Some Rustproofing)…


Sometimes, delays are a good thing, provided you’re taking the glass half full approach. To wit: Best Buy notified me that my order would be delayed until the 18th, but no biggie. That gives me more time to practice playing a few games on that really fine PS2 collection from a few years back. After all these years I’m still absolutely, completely terrible at Magician Lord (and probably will still be), so I’m going to be spending a few hours trying not to die so much or jump up and down on a controller after losing that final life.

For newbies, let me very safely state that NeoGeo games aren’t for rage-quitters at all. Nope, if you get all Hulky and throw that big ol’ heavy arcade stick down, you’ll probably break a toe (and need to go spend a small fortune replacing it. Er, the controller, not your toe). The X’s replicated arcade stick seems to be of similar quality (and not inexpensive either), but I’m definitely NOT going to be tossing it around when I lose. Now you know why they call throw pillows THROW pillows. Just aim for something non-breakable (and not the family pet, lest you get that toe you didn’t break earlier chewed on while you sleep)…

NEOGEO X Gold Update: Limited Editon Pre-Orders Nab Ninja Master’s For Free

SNK Playmore’s handheld wonder is getting some nifty pre-order love over at online retailers Amazon and GameStop. Consumers who pre-order the Limited Edition (which comes packed with some nice bonuses that turn the handheld into a home console) will get a FREE game card (the 1996 beat ’em up, NINJA MASTER’S*) with their order when the new portable ships out on December 6, 2012.  As I’ve been saying for months now, for a dedicated console with a fairly large library of classics (more of which will be made available after the system launches), that $199.99 isn’t a lot at all considering you also get 20 free classic NEOGEO titles you can play on the road using the X as a dedicated portable or at home with the dock included in the LE box.

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It’s A Reality With a Name: NeoGeo X Coming To North America in Q2 2012

Well, that was quick. I’d imagine the rivers of drool and pools of fan sweat have convinced some smart folks at distributors Tommo, Inc. here in the US and Blaze overseas to get to it and get the newly christened NeoGeo X to gamers sometime within the next few months. While no price point has been officially announced*, the 20 games packed into the handheld have been:

NAM 1975

*Note: I’ve seen posts on some sites that note Blaze quoting a ridiculous £500 (currently US$785) price tag (!), but I’m hoping that’s the worst typo I’ll see this week or even better, that figure was incorrectly derived on those sites where editor-types who tend to misread important stuff just jumped the gun without getting the FACTS straight. Hell, even the most die-hard NeoGeo collector would balk at the price of a dedicated device that costs more than the home version of the original console…

Back with an update soon (and hopefully, an actual retail price point)…

The Neo Geo Pocket Is BACK (Well, Almost)…

I still own my Neo Geo Pocket Color, but I’d sold off all but one game I had for the handheld (Dark Arms, if you have to ask) due to the need for space in the library.  Amusingly enough, I was talking to a friend last week who was asking me about the system because he was thinking about picking one up on eBay, but now, it looks as if he can do the retro thing in an even better way. The tentatively named “Neo Geo Pocket Device” is in the works at SNK Playmore and will come packed with twenty classic Neo Geo arcade games built in. As you can see, the slim style looks very slick indeed…

No official release date or price point has been announced nor has any word of the device being released outside Japan been made clear. However, thanks to Kotaku (and the Famicom-Plaza blog where these images are taken from), we do know what games are going to be on the device: World Heroes, Ultimate 11, Top Player’s Golf, Sengoku, NAM -1975, Mutation Nation, Last Resort, King of Monsters, Frenzy, Cyber-Lip, Fatal Fury Special, The Art of Fighting, Super Sidekicks, League Bowling, Metal Slug, Magician Lord, Baseball Stars Professional, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters ’94, and Fatal Fury.

That wonderful SD card slot on the side in the final photo means there’s the potential for other games to be downloaded from SNK’s site at some point. Given the current lineup of arcade games available over PSN as Arcade Classics minis, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these show up as downloadable titles for the new portable. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’d say that SNK fans NEED to put their money where there mouths are and gently bug the company to sell the unit worldwide DIRECT through its website as opposed to dropping the thing into retail where it will get ignored by non-fans or those dopes who’ll complain the device isn’t also packing a phone, three cameras and touchscreen. Whatever happens with the upcoming unit, we’ll keep you posted…