Monster World RPG Update: Not QUITE Ready, But You Get An Ending, Anyway!


And I say HAH! To Max Team for “spoiling” their game for all of you. Well, not really. There’s a good ending in here as well, but I’m not going to spoil that for you at all. Actually, I got a note from the guys (or was it ONE of them? Hmmm. How come you NEVER see Fernando OR Massimo at the SAME time in the same place? Hmmmm?) saying that the game is still being bug tested, but should be done at some point. Hey, it’s a FREE download, so I say take your time, boys. Take your time. If it’s as good as it looks, I don’t mind the wait one bit.

Okay, Max Team… Now You’re Just Messing With Me…

Ha and ha, ha. Massimo and Fernando over at MAX TEAM must really hate me. The just ran a fun new reworked intro to their upcoming Monster World RPG the other day and now here comes a big, fat SPOILER video with the game’s bad ending that they tell you NOT to watch if you don’t want to see it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I still haven’t seen it and I know YOU won’t click that play button either, right? RIGHT? Yeah, I thought so. In fact, I say let’s give them the pleasure of NOT clicking that video and making it become the least popular one they’ve made to date. That should teach them not to go and do stuff like this ever again. YEAH. We showed YOU two what’s what. The fans have spoken! Or have NOT spoken and NOT clicked on your video! So there.

(Okay, so it’s actually a goofy joke that happens about a minute into the game, so it’s not an actual “spoiler” at all, so you can click away at your leisure and not actually “spoil” anything!)

Monster World RPG Update (It’s Creeping Closer)…

Massimo and Fernando (aka MAX TEAM) are still debugging their baby so it arrives all ready to download and play, but Monster World RPG just may be the big (and FREE) ticket Sega fans are looking for when it comes to fan-made JRPG experiences. So much work and love has gone into this project that the game truly looks as if it’s a never released Genesis game. Granted, I’ve only played a few demos over the past year or two, but I’m confident that the end result will be well worth the long wait. I think there’s a month or so to go before this lands, but I say take your time, guys… take your time. I want this one to be perfect when I sit down and lose too many hours in it…

Monster World RPG Update: Buy, Buy, Birdie!

Another day, another MWRPG update. Actually, two updates so close together (this video actually dropped a few days back) is a GOOD thing, as it means the boys are getting closer to the end of all the bug testing and the game is going to get a release soon. And yes indeed, bug testing is TEDIOUS work. Strong men and women have thrown themselves from low basement windows up to the pavement while doing this thankless task, but if not for their sacrifices and valor, the games you play today would be chock FULL of issues. Er… well MORE games you play would be chock full of issues, as some of these huge AAA titles that ship out with mandatory online play are lousy with the digital pestilence. But, THIS game is s solo old-school JRPG, so I’d say the chances of it NOT running or being unplayable are slim to none. Huzzah!

Monster World RPG Update: Bug Zappers Working Overtime…

Max Team is still hard at work ironing out any problems in their upcoming Monster World RPG. Fans of Monster World IV will get a grin going at this video in particular because it’s based on that a very familiar level in that great little game that never got a US release. Anyway, enjoy the clip, those of you who like what you’re seeing. Everyone else who just doesn’t get it… that’s alright. You’re still cool in my book even if you think we’re all weird or something like that. Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

Monster World RPG Finally Gets An Update!

EDIT! Oops. There’s also a gameplay video up that I missed in my hurry to post this news, so it’s now below.

More precisely, I finally got back around to checking up on the boys at Max Team and they’ve posted that video slideshow you’re watching above with one eye as you read this text with the other. How DO you do that, I have to ask? It would sure make my job easier if you could teach me! Anyway, As you can see in that slideshow, the game is coming along really nicely and according to a post on the dev blog, the game is pretty much done save for the long and arduous process of debugging the game so it plays as great as it looks with no pesky issues slipping into the finished code.

The dynamic duo of Massimo and Fernando plan to pump up things in a big way once the game is ready for release and I’m betting fans of Sega’s classic Monster World games (I know a few of them including myself) will be all over this in a heartbeat once that download is posted. I still can’t believe they’re doing this in RPG Maker 2003, but such are the wonders of doing all your artwork by hand and not using only the assets in the program, folks!

Necropolis: Grab This Retro RPG Before It Vanishes Forever


I’ll write up a longer review on this awesome RPG Maker 2003 instant classic in a week or so, but check out the video above (ignore the debug stuff at the beginning) and definitely get the game over at before its creator, Jude, takes the game down. He’s turning it into a commercial release using MonoGame/XNA, so at some point the currently cancelled version up at RMN will be gone for good. Trust me, the custom 8-bit graphics (which need to be seen full screen, NOT in a window), innovative combo-based battle system (in a turn-based RPG? What the what?!) and overall level of polish make this one of the best NES style RPGs I’ve ever played. OK, let me shut up before this turns into an actual review – go get this game!

Random Really Short Indie Game Of The Week: Wither

While you can complete Wither in well under an hour (or about an hour if you get stuck), the game will linger in your mind for quite a bit longer. This RPG Maker gem from Rastek is a creepy little exploration game that focuses on mood and manages to be unsettling despite the cute Game Boy style visuals. In the game you’re a guy who’s been in an accident tasked with collecting sixteen flowers to lay at a grave. As you explore your surroundings, you’ll run across assorted citizens who can help you out on your quest. Some know where flowers can be had, others have flowers you need to acquire in a few different ways.

There’s some fine writing here, some logical clues to help you find a few of the trickier to get flowers and some interesting bits of morbid humor throughout to keep the occasional grin going when needed. You might see the ending coming about halfway through, but I’d say that’s just how Rastek wants it. Telling any more would spoil the fun (well, as much fun as can be had by being mildly freaked out by some of the more unsettling content here). Go download this one, play it with the lights down low and prepare to have a few hairs standing up  on assorted body parts. I was going to post a gameplay video I found on YouTube, but it gives pretty much the entire game away. Click that link at your own risk! Better yet – just get the game. It’s FREE, it’s a small, quick download and I’d bet you’ll tell someone else about this one once you’re done playing…

Random Indie Game of the Week: Hellion: Diablo Meets Dragon Quest (And It’s A Blast)

I found this cool little indie RPG quite by accident a few days ago while looking up something entirely different, downloaded it and got an immediate grin going when I fired it up. One of a few very awesome NES-inspired RPGs made by a a user called kentona (with Enterbrain’s wonderfully retro RPG Maker 2003), Hellion plays like bits of Dragon Quest, Diablo and Final Fantasy dropped into a blender and mixed up just right. Basically, you choose a character class at the beginning, assign some skill points and set out to tackle the dangerous multi-level dungeon under the town you start the game in. There are random monster drops, traps and chests to disarm, a bunch of side missions to tackle and more.

While I’m only three floors in, I like the ability to hire up to three party members, the alignment system that changes based on your choices during the game (some NPCs and potential teammates won’t deal with you if you’re too goody-goody or too much a total jerk), the level of challenge right from the start and more. The game uses graphics and music lifted from the DQ series, but I like the 8-bit visuals and tunes because of the nostalgia value. That and it’s actually more fun than Diablo III because you don’t need to be always online to play or have to deal with stupid stuff the DRM in that game was supposed to stop from occurring. Anyway, go check it out and while you’re there, take a peek at kentona’s other works as well as some of the other great games on the RPGMaker website.