Okay, Max Team… Now You’re Just Messing With Me…

Ha and ha, ha. Massimo and Fernando over at MAX TEAM must really hate me. The just ran a fun new reworked intro to their upcoming Monster World RPG the other day and now here comes a big, fat SPOILER video with the game’s bad ending that they tell you NOT to watch if you don’t want to see it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I still haven’t seen it and I know YOU won’t click that play button either, right? RIGHT? Yeah, I thought so. In fact, I say let’s give them the pleasure of NOT clicking that video and making it become the least popular one they’ve made to date. That should teach them not to go and do stuff like this ever again. YEAH. We showed YOU two what’s what. The fans have spoken! Or have NOT spoken and NOT clicked on your video! So there.

(Okay, so it’s actually a goofy joke that happens about a minute into the game, so it’s not an actual “spoiler” at all, so you can click away at your leisure and not actually “spoil” anything!)

2 thoughts on “Okay, Max Team… Now You’re Just Messing With Me…

  1. Do you really think Monster World by Max Team will really ever be finished or are they just pulling our leg. Granted it takes a lot of time and effort to get it ready for release but 7 or 8 YEARS get real. Those of us who have been very very very very patient are ready to give up and forget it.


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