Necropolis: Grab This Retro RPG Before It Vanishes Forever


I’ll write up a longer review on this awesome RPG Maker 2003 instant classic in a week or so, but check out the video above (ignore the debug stuff at the beginning) and definitely get the game over at before its creator, Jude, takes the game down. He’s turning it into a commercial release using MonoGame/XNA, so at some point the currently cancelled version up at RMN will be gone for good. Trust me, the custom 8-bit graphics (which need to be seen full screen, NOT in a window), innovative combo-based battle system (in a turn-based RPG? What the what?!) and overall level of polish make this one of the best NES style RPGs I’ve ever played. OK, let me shut up before this turns into an actual review – go get this game!

4 thoughts on “Necropolis: Grab This Retro RPG Before It Vanishes Forever

  1. Thanks for the plug, However, I have zero intention of pulling down the old version at any point in the future, so there’s no huge rush to grab it before it’s too late.


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