Monster World RPG Update: Buy, Buy, Birdie!

Another day, another MWRPG update. Actually, two updates so close together (this video actually dropped a few days back) is a GOOD thing, as it means the boys are getting closer to the end of all the bug testing and the game is going to get a release soon. And yes indeed, bug testing is TEDIOUS work. Strong men and women have thrown themselves from low basement windows up to the pavement while doing this thankless task, but if not for their sacrifices and valor, the games you play today would be chock FULL of issues. Er… well MORE games you play would be chock full of issues, as some of these huge AAA titles that ship out with mandatory online play are lousy with the digital pestilence. But, THIS game is s solo old-school JRPG, so I’d say the chances of it NOT running or being unplayable are slim to none. Huzzah!

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