Games I Finally Got Around To Completing #1: Red Dead Redemption

Well, THAT took a while, but it’s finally done, Undead Nightmare expansion (which I actually completed before the main game’s story)and all. Hey, I did say I like to take my time with games, so here’s a good example of this procrastination. Part of this was due to having so many open world games to go through, me going through them in order of least impressive to most (RDD is still stellar visually and highly replayable) and the fact that yup, I’m pretty awful at poker and there’s a LOT of it to play throughout the game. RDD’s poker games were giving me trouble because I hated to do the save/reload thing and wanted to always try and win fair and square without any cheating. Fortunately, I wised up (hey, it’s a game about the Old West – who the heck was a 100% honest poker player back then? Even the oldest Western films have poker cheats!) and decided to seek a bit of help from a few helpful sources from a friend who’s a pretty decent player to a nice and helpful site that showed me a few tricks I was too stubborn to pull off…


I got that blasted Trophy in a shorter time than I thought and can finally close the book on this one. This proves that yes indeed, an old dog CAN learn a few new tricks. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to whittling down another game from the pile.  Hmmmm… I see that Rockstar Games is dropping the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer on Wednesday – I wonder if that game will have poker or other games of chance in it somewhere? I’m betting that’s going to be a big ft yes, knowing Rockstar…

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