Resident Evil Revelations 2 Goes The Episodic Game Route. This Is A Good Thing.

Excellent. I was wondering when Capcom would take a page from Telltale Games and start releasing episodic versions of its Resident Evil franchise, but I guess I can wonder no longer. Set for an early 2015 launch, the upcoming multi-platform game Resident Evil Revelations 2 is going to be divided into four digital chapters and like Telltale’s chapter-based game experiences, there will be the option to buy a retail disc version that compiles all the chapters plus any additional content Capcom plans to add to the package. I’m a physical media guy myself, so this is a great thing to see even if it means waiting until all four weekly episodes are out and people are spoiling the story all over the internet. With a game such as this (and Telltale’s The Walking Dead series), I tend to tune out those annoying blabbers who spill the beans anyway. So I won’t have a thing spoiled and I won’t have to go to gamer prison for beating someone senseless with an old controller for ruining any surprises Capcom has in store.

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RER2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Nice work in progress screens up there, huh? Anyway, back with more on this one soon…

Resident Evil HD & Resident Evil Revelations 2: Capcom Serves Up Two Dishes To The Ungrateful Masses…


Wow. If I was working in Capcom PR and had a thin skin (which, by the way is a LOUSY thing for anyone working in PR to have), I’d be chugging Pepto all day and taking an aspirin ever four hours for my heart. You’d think that the company was out running a steamroller over baskets of puppies or something if you read some of the many inane comments on YouTube and plenty of websites about both the HD remaster of the former GameCube-only Resident Evil remake from 2002 and the concept video for (as in too EARLY to have actual gameplay footage from) Resident Evil Revelations 2. I, for one will be getting both games upon their respective releases because I know that the former hasn’t been on any other console platform to date and it’s a truly great game. As for RER 2, I liked the first one quite a bit, so this one’s going to be added to the “watch and BUY!’ list.

It’s THAT simple for me. I’m not silly enough to yell and scream about unrelated games, DLC from unrelated games, and so forth and so on. These announcements are about the games in question and Capcom just wants to show them off and know what you think about them, not listen to bitch-fest central about Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Street Fighter or worse, INCORRECT comments about this HD version Resident Evil being the same as the 1996 original or just a straightforward “port” of the GameCube game.


Eh, I shouldn’t be surprised at all at this reaction, as the company seems to attract some of the more passionate but woefully ignorant fans in gaming. Sure, they’ve made mistakes over the years, but some people need to just grow up and not continue to slam them on EVERY call they make these days.

Biohazard HD Remaster Offers Up A Great Reason To Import (For the PS3 At Least)

Biohazard HD Remaster banner 

Biohazard HD RemasterSure, you can hold out for the download-only North American release of Resident Evil HD Remaster, but I’m seeing the more hardcore fans of the long-running franchise and a few gaming friends running for the Eastern border and snapping up pre-orders for the Japanese or Asian versions of Biohazard HD Remaster instead. Why? Well, for starters, the game comes on a physical disc with a manual and as you know (or should know), PS3 games are region free, so the game should run on any console anywhere in the world. Both the Japanese and less expensive Asian version (which is for Chinese gamers and should come with an English manual or instruction sheet fold-out common to that region’s software) will have dual-language support (English and Japanese voice and text based on the console settings), so jumping back into this classic experience will be a breeze for anyone.

From what I see, that much more expensive E-Capcom Complete Edition is sold out in a few import shops, so folks who want that pack for all the goodies it contains will need to hold out and see if Capcom plans to get that out over here. Anyway, go take a gander at some comparison screenshots so you can see what you’re in for. We won’t be seeing this remaster in the US until early 2015 at the earliest, but as the import ships out this November, I have the feeling that a bunch of people will be grooving on this game before that and posting their impressions left and right in the usual spots. Will I be one of those people? Hmmm… we shall see…

Resident Evil Makes A Return In 2015 For “Old” & New Consoles, PC


residentevil_consoledownload_small_icon_esrb_jpg_jpgcopyOne of the MOST requested (if not THE most requested) Capcom games fans have wanted to see remade for HD consoles has been the original Resident Evil and it looks as if those rabid folk are getting their wish granted and in a big way. Well, provided you own a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One or a decent gaming PC. Capcom is set to release a beefed-up HD version of the 2002 GameCube remake of the 1996 original as a digital-only purchase.

That particular version improved the visuals and added many changes to the old game and is considered by some (and me, of course) to be the definitive version of the classic survival horror/action game. Featuring traditional or direct control schemes, 1080p support on next-gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One and of course, PC) and all the content from the 2002 game intact, this could be the definitive remake that also introduces new fans to the long-running series.

RE-001_bmp_jpgcopy RE-003_bmp_jpgcopy RE-006_bmp_jpgcopy RE-002_bmp_jpgcopy RE-004_bmp_jpgcopy RE-005_bmp_jpgcopy RE-007_bmp_jpgcopy RE-008_bmp_jpgcopy RE-009_bmp_jpgcopy RE-010_bmp_jpgcopy RE-011_bmp_jpgcopy RE-012_bmp_jpgcopy

Unfortunately, there’s no word of a Wii U version, which is unusual given the 2002 game was made for a Nintendo console. Of course, the Wii U’s sales and Capcom perhaps realizing that they’d probably spend more money on that version than they’d make back means chances are slim we’ll see this on Nintendo’s latest console. It could also be the download size issue and the cost of getting this onto a disc release (and selling a set amount of physical copies) also mucking things up a bit.

That’s show business, kids – but Wii U and Wii U game sales need a nice jump upwards so publishers see the system is worth getting games like this on automatically. Granted, the console IS indeed getting a bunch of excellent titles this year and next… but this doesn’t look like it will be one of them unless something magical happens and it arrives (with some nice GamePad enhancements in tow).

chris_01_bmp_jpgcopy Jill_01_bmp_jpgcopy zombie_01_bmp_jpgcopy

As always, we shall see… we shall see. For now however, this one’s going to be played by plenty of people who didn’t buy a Game Cube but have always wanted to get their paws on a controller and experience Evil in a whole new way.

Japan Has A Resident Evil Restaurant. They’re Better Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse Than We Are…

Theme restaurants are nothing new in Japan at all. In fact, poke around the internet (or even better, Tokyo proper) and you’ll find all sorts of cool to weird theme restaurants. Capcom has one for their Biohazard series (known here as Resident Evil), aptly named Biohazard Cafe & Grill. Here’s a video walk through to ogle and wonder when the hell the US is getting one. Sure, Times Square, Hollywood, Florida or wherever the hell Raccoon City is would be perfect, but don’t bet on it for a few reasons. I’d say sticky-fingered fans of the franchise would clean out the joint while it was being constructed. Yeah, you KNOW you’d be swiping those salt and pepper packets and “blood” ketchup by the box-load if you ever got a job there. That and hell, despite the US love for the macabre and all things zombie on a fictional level (er, unless you count those who REALLY think zombies exist), I can see all sorts of issues with parents protesting the restaurant even before it opens up. Hey, at least you know where your kids are all afternoon, Ma and Pa Kettle…

If You’ve Wanted A Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead, Capcom and Valve Are Quite Obliging…


Well, this kind of came out of Nowhereland, but it’s really cool for fans of both franchises as well as those who’ve avoided either for whatever reason. Granted, the biggest issue is this is a PC-only thing for the time being, as L4D is a PC (and Xbox 360 exclusive). Microsoft’s exclusivity headlock on the series aside, I’m still trying to figure out who at Valve thought being joined at the hip to a single console with this zombie-busting masterwork would be a good idea forever and a day, as there are a few million Sony fans who’d LOVE to finally play both games in the award winning co-op and multiplayer-centric series on the PS3/PS4 (and yes, a custom Vita version would sell like gangbusters as well).



Feh. Perhaps ONE of these days the industry will figure out that more money can be made across multiple platforms if something is done right and all that legal nonsense regarding exclusivity go right out the window with DRM and analysts who over-speculate some game studios right out of business when a game doesn’t meet some ridiculous target even though it moves a few million units…

Capcom Wishes You a Happy (Jill) Valentine’s Day!

Hmmm. When I was growing up, it was Karen Valentine who the boys (and some of the girls) wanted to hug. These days, it’s all about a “Jill Sandwich” (which was thankfully avoided way back in 1996 thanks to the late Barry Burton) and other squishy bits (usually plenty of zombie parts) fans of the Resident Evil franchise are mooning over. Still, she’s a gal with staying power who’s never been a stereotypical female game character and in fact, her popularity has lasted longer than some game gals who’ve needed a CG reboot every few years. You go, girl! Of course, she’s not real, kids – but strong gals who can save your skin while putting a boot on some undead ass are more than welcome these days…

Resident Evil Retribution Trailer: Product Placement Does Work, After All…

I meant to post this one a few days back when it was initially released, but I got busy tackling the pile of old posts I still need to reformat. plus a few other things Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of the RE films, but the trailer for Retribution is clever enough to pique my interest somewhat. For starters, Sony getting a PlayStation Vita in the first few seconds of the trailer before the US launch is priceless (and makes me want one even more) and the excellent segue combining MORE shameless product advertising for other products then turning into Alice’s next adventure is excellently done. Granted, I’ll most likely NOT pay for a ticket and wait to catch this one on cable like I have with all the other RE films, but at least this trailer grabbed my interest enough to make me want to watch it multiple times.