Moon Chronicles On Nintendo 3DS: Much More Than A Remake Of A Great Sleeper Hit…

Back in 2009, developer Renegade Kid released MOON, a fine little Nintendo DS exclusive first person sci-fi adventure game/shooter hybrid that got decent reviews and was a fun solo game with some nice twists and turns as it progressed. The team at RK is still around making games and is revisiting their game as a remade and expanded four part episodic eShop download-only experience that’s sure to draw attention on a few fronts. First and foremost, yes, that trailer above and those screenshots below are a bit fuzzy, but the resolution on the Nintendo 3DS (particularly the 3DSXL) is greater than what’s seen here (as you know if you own the handheld) and the game will run at a slick 60 frames per second even with the 3D effect all the way up.

Secondly, the game being split into chapters means players will have some added suspense to their gaming lives as each new episode is revealed. The original game wasn’t one to be blown through quickly, as it was deliberately paced to be played in small chunks. So the digital delivery method using the eShop is s great move on that front. Granted, gamers who still don’t care for digital content probably won’t be convinced they need this game, but this is a case of supporting a developer that’s always gotten the most out of the hardware they develop for and like the DS version, Moon Chronicles looks to be a technical showpiece for the 3DS (as well as one of the few first-person shooters on the handheld). Episode One drops this summer (price and release date both TBA) and after the other three chapters are released, RK has a second “season” in the works for what they’re now calling an “on-going episodic saga”.

MC_Screen_01 MC_Screen_02 MC_Screen_03 MC_Screen_04 MC_Screen_05 MC_Screen_06 MC_Screen_07 MC_Screen_08

I’m liking this a lot, but I really want to see what RK can do with more powerful hardware. MOON Chronicles on the Vita would probably be quite spectacular and pack and even more impressive visual punch, especially if it’s running at 60fps with even nicer lighting and shadow effects. Anyway, my pipe dreams will continue some other time. More on this one as news drops in – stay tuned…

Dementium II HD Behind the Scenes: A Whole Lot Of “Nope” Means This Needs To Be Played…

DEMENTIUM II_HDSo, yeah… Dementium II HD. Digital Tribe and Memetic Games’ PC version of Renegade Kid’s super scary Nintendo DS exclusive looks like an even more complete freak-out, although there’s definitely something to be said for the original game’s defying the hardware it was made for and offering up a frightening portable thrill ride that’s still the best horror game on that old handheld. Anyway, this update looks pretty darn jump out of your underwear freaky on a few fronts, but I’m brave. I can take it. Maybe.

Let’s see it in action (go hide the kids and pets in a closet, folks – this probably isn’t pretty):

Yeah, there’s a whole bus load of “Nope!” going on there, as in “Nope, I’m not going to open that door… TOO LATE! Gyaaaah!” and so forth and so on. Digital Tribe has done well with this frightening little gem and since I missed posting them, I’m going to run all four behind the scenes videos so you can see how the game was made. Pleasant Dreeeeeeams, now…

The other two making of videos are below the jump. Why? Because I like you… M-O-U-S-EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!
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Dementium II HD: Small Scale Horror Goes Bigger (And Scarier) On Steam…

Dementium IIWell, well… I’d heard a PC version of Renegade Kid’s Nintendo DS game was in the works for some time, but I’d forgotten all about it until I saw news of the game on another site. Here’s the trailer for Dementium II HD, set for a Steam launch on December 17. If you haven’t run off to change your underwear yet, you’ll want to know that DII is a very creepy first-person horror game that combines exploration, adventure and combat elements in a single player experience bound to creep you out of whatever chair you’re sitting in and under it for a spell. Nope, it’s not using ANY of the original Nintendo DS assets, silly – that would be scarier than the game seeing that sort of stuff happen.

If you’ve played the original you can clearly see that developer Memetic Games has taken Renegade Kid’s original game and redone it from the ground up, adding some Steam-specific content in the process. It would be lovely to see this creepy gen get MORE press, as the DS game got a tiny print run and seems to be tough to come by these days. Nevertheless, I’m betting once genre fans find out this exists (or will exist in less than two months), they’ll be beating a path to their computers to grab a copy. Actually doing so NOW will net you a nice discount of 35% off the already cheap $14.99 list price. That’s a measly $9.74 if you’re lousy at math (or can’t find that Calculator on your computer). OK, my good deed is done for the evening ladies and germs… good night and have the rest of a super Saturday.

Or ELSE… Mua-ha-ha-ha-haaaa.

VGA 101: New DS Aquisitions: Soma Bringer & ATV Wild Ride

new DS stuff

One is an awesome Japanese import action/RPG that’s very much Diablo inspired with an anime edge (and sadly was never localized into English – thanks, Nintendo for missing out on what would have been yet another a surefire hit new IP!).

The other is an amazing technical wonder in the form of a 60 frames per second racing game featuring those four-wheeled death machines some folks seem to love a wee bit too much. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain nearly killing himself when he fell off one that proceeded to roll over him as he tumbled down a sandy slope on an old episode of No Reservations, every time I see or think ATV, I get a good laugh going that takes a minute or two to subside… Continue reading

Gallery: Dementium II

The fine folks down at Austin, Texas-based Renegade Kid are at it again. The award-winning developer of two of the best technical achievements (and fantastic game experiences, by the way) for the Nintendo DS, Dementium: The Ward and MOON are set to scare your pants (and possibly whatever else you’re wearing) off yet again with Dementium II, set for a 2010 release through publisher Southpeak Games. This small team of talented guys really knows how to get the DS hardware to do just what they want and based on these early screens, DII could be their best work yet…

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