Two Worlds II Delayed ‘Til January 2011 (And Why I’m Not Worried One Bit)

Hmmmm… Southpeak says the game needs a tad more polish, so it's now headed your way in a few months rather than next week. TopWare says it's more than ready for its closeup, but thanks to a few similarly massive titles, wants players to have enough time to digest those large lunches before their big dinner. Ready… FIGHT!

Er, no (*DING!*)

I'd have to say BOTH are acceptable excuses. Read on for my cosmic rationale…

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Gallery: Dementium II

The fine folks down at Austin, Texas-based Renegade Kid are at it again. The award-winning developer of two of the best technical achievements (and fantastic game experiences, by the way) for the Nintendo DS, Dementium: The Ward and MOON are set to scare your pants (and possibly whatever else you’re wearing) off yet again with Dementium II, set for a 2010 release through publisher Southpeak Games. This small team of talented guys really knows how to get the DS hardware to do just what they want and based on these early screens, DII could be their best work yet…

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