Review: Metropolis: Lux Obscura (PS4/Vita)


Hooooooo boy. If a mature game that successfully mashes up Sin City and Puzzle Quest seems as if it’ll be right up your dark, rainy alley, have I got something for you, pal. Sometimes You has ported Ktulhu Solutions’ previously PC-only (and very NSFW) game Metropolis: Lux Obscura over to consoles (it’s coming April 4) and if you’re in the mood for a totally lewd and somewhat amusing in terms of its wall to wall profanity game experience, go whip out that wallet and pony up that dough. Leave the kids out of this one, please, as it’s absolutely not for them. Unless, of course you want them quoting the racier lines from this at family gatherings or in places where someone might keel over in a dead faint from the ear-searing dialog.

While it’s a bit on the short side, you get four endings and the game excels at paying somewhat intentionally cheesy homage to Frank Miller’s graphic novels (although the art here is a lot less impressive) with that reliance on shock value profanity and a few topless and/or scantily clad females as well as some more salacious content that may make your eyes pop a few times before all is said and done. Amusingly enough, as raw as this game is, PC version owners can get a patch that turns that version into a er, how shall I put it… “somewhat Stormier” experience. And nope, you won’t see that patch coming at all to the PS4 or Vita (or Nintendo Switch, for that matter).

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Bad Poerty: Monday Again? Yeah, and You Can’t Stop It.

(thanks, solutioncow

The grind begins anew dear friends
The whistle blows, it never ends
You roll your rock up that damned hill
It rolls right back, intent to kill

You suffer that eternal fate
For roof and food set on a plate
While those above you’ve never toiled
Their hands pristine and never soiled

(thanks, texeratx texeratx!) 

They pay you what they think you’re worth
It’s not a lot (much to their mirth)
You only see them when they wish
You’re treated like some tiny fish

Caught in the mouth of bigger ones
That torch is passed onto your sons
and daughters who, some now confined
by laws that clip their wings and bind


Is there a way out? Maybe so
But you’re too occupied to know
So turn that crank and spin that wheel
The pain? You’re not supposed to feel

And when that quitting time bell rings
Your aching body squeaks and sings
And back home then to eat and snore
Then Tuesday’s come – you’re back for more!