Switch-Eroos Make Waiting Until March Trial By Ire

I’ll just leave this here:

switcherooYou smarter gamers with a load of patience avoiding the babbly noise rumor mill sites know who it’s for. But it’s also for anyone else in the “news gathering” trade who dabbles too deeply in third-hand gossip just for attention’s sake and huge traffic rather than do the actual legwork legitimate journalism takes.

Opinions (mine included) and improper speculative analysis aren’t facts, and some sources are only “trusted” because their skin in this game is any attention they can get for themselves so they stay “relevant.”  So they yak away daily, knowing full well that the mill wheel often grinds out a few nasty things as it turns on that 24/7 schedule when you hit a slow news day every so often but need to have a story to tell just to get your name in lights somewhere. Boo.

Back in a bit.


OK, Enough With The Harlem Shake, Already (Pretty Please)…


I’m SO glad I’m not eternally glued to YouTube (or wherever pit of people with too much time on their hands hang out) and I really don’t care where this latest “Hey, everybody lookit me make a fool of myself!” craze came from. Harlem Shake? I got a Harlem Shake right here for you… OK, call me cranky (and I’m pleased to meet you), but I actually used to LIVE in Harlem and the only folks I saw shakin’ were the crack addicts and winos when I was on the way to the subway and back from work every day. Yeah, I said it! And it’s actually true. Well, that was the 1990’s for ya, kids… the stories I could tell!  Get the heck off the table (you dancing fool) and into your jammies and I’ll put you to sleep with a short one…
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