Mega Man Legends 3 Officially Dead (OR: Well, If You’d Listened to Me, It Might Not Be…)

Dear Capcom, The next time you have the bright idea to complete a trilogy a few years too late, try publishing HD versions of the first two Legends games (and Tron Bonne’s adventure) on a DISC (PS3/360 and hell, maybe even Wii and PC), then use the profits from THAT to fund the new game, which SHOULD have also been on a console and not a 3DS exclusive.

I think the project was doomed from the start because it was going to be on a system with a fraction of the user base the original PS1 had. That and introducing gamers who may have missed out on the original games to the world and characters is always a LOT better than dropping a sequel onto a new system where more than half the people who might pick it up have never heard of (or played) the other titles. You DO know that the PS1 games fetch a TON of real money on auction sites, right? Ah well… live and learn, I suppose. RIP MML3!

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legends 3 Project, New Resident Evil For 3DS

In one of the best “IT'S ABOUT FREAKIN” TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!” sequel announcements this year, Capcom has made me and a whole bunch of gamers pretty happy clams (well, mostly). A new Mega Man Legends game is on the way (yay!) for the 3DS (er, Yay?). While a new cross-platform game would have been even more fantastic (especially with HD remakes of the previous MML/Tron Bonne games), it looks as if Nintendo's upcoming must-have bank-breaking handheld wonder will be the lucky recipient of this latest installment.

Anyway, press release, logos and RE 3D screens below the jump. I'm going to go dance around the room a bit before crying as I check my bank account (and cry some more afterward).

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