IndieGala Hump Day Bundle: Ignore That Camel. Buy Some Games Instead

indiegala hump day bundleMore bundles? No problems! “What day is it?” and yeah, yeah… you know the rest. Stupid CG camels. Anyway, say hello to the IndieGala Hump Day Bundle.  Go click on that link to the left and pick up three games for a buck or (even better) a dozen for a measly $2.99 plus no tax (well, in the U.S. of A., at least). Pay more if you please, as what you spend supports charity. Even if you don’t go the low-ball route and pony up a bit more you’re still getting an excellent deal on what’s here.

Oh, did I mention the Spring Rush Bundle is on sale? Well, it IS! Go get it as it’s got even more fun to funky titles on it. It costs a little more, but it’s the same buck for three title tease to lure you into looking before you decide to commit to just plopping down about seven bucks for nine games total.

More Monday Bundles to Mix Things Up

indiegala EMB 462015

I must be psychic or something. I was recently telling a fellow horror game fan how I wished one of the indie bundle sites would do an all-horror game deal and *BOOM!* IndieGala Every Monday Bundle, anyone? $1.89 for seven Steam horror games today – the price jets up a bit on Tuesday. Well, that was fast and yeah, I’m looking over my shoulder for a sack of money to fly into my hands from somewhere. Okay, nope on that loot-fest? Damn. Hard work over get rich quick daydreaming it is!

humble mobile bundle 11 banner 

Meanwhile, over at the Humble Bundle site, this week’s deal is Humble Mobile Bundle 11, featuring seven games for an average of $4.29 with MORE titles to be added next week. These time-locked game deals are wonderful because while you don’t know what’s coming, they’re worth the money because the added free games are usually something cool you’ve never played previously. Here’s what in the deal so far:

humble mobile bundle 11 

Nice, huh? Anyway, go get yours out of the two deals or get both because you’re spending a little and getting quite a lot as usual. Now, all one (or all) of these bundle bargain sites need to do is add “create your own bundle” deals where buyers can choose from a long list of indies for a low price point and my psychic powers will be fully revealed (cue ominous music)…

Some Late Bundles For Your Sleepy Saturday

IndieGala Friday Bundle 432015

Yeah, yeah… it’s Saturday and I’m posting this IndieGala Friday Special Bundle now. I had a little computer hiccup yesterday before I could get to this deal, so it’s a bit late. Anyway, get three games for a buck or a dozen for $2.99 this time. Flip a coin and choose the latter if you need a hint. There’s a nice set of stuff here from a Match-3 puzzle game, a few adventure games and even a couple of retro platformers with some shooters tossed in for good measure.

Also, if you poke around the IndieGala Store and actually buy something there, you get a free gift just in time for Easter:

Free Fist of Jesus IndieGala 

Yup, it’s a real game! You can also get another freebie just for stopping by in the form of Space Hack, a single player action/RPG set aboard a spaceship besieged by tons of bug-like aliens. It’s old, but quite addictive once you get into it.

humble weekly bundle Hard 

Over at the Humble Bundle, you can scoop up six really hard games in the Humble Weekly Bundle: ARGGGHHH!! These games are hard! Bundle. I’ve only played three of them, but can confirm that you will indeed want to toss a controller or keyboard at something if you’re the impatient sort. The Humble Store has a crazy sale on Deep Silver titles all weekend, so check out that link for a nice assortment of titles from a few genres.

BS the vortex bundle 

Finally, Bundle Stars has the awesome Vortex Bundle, a total STEAL at $2.99 just for the Alien Breed Trilogy. If you’re not into shooting xenomorphs while being scared half to death, there are a bunch of other titles in that bundle bound to please. And don’t forget to check out the Bundle Stars Store for MORE great deals on single games. Hmmmm. I think that’s it, but I’ll let you know. Oh, right – check out Indie Royale,, and of course, for even MORE deals!

IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Your Anniversary Gift Costs Under Two Bucks

IndieGala EMB Anniversary 

Happy Anniversary IndieGala! One year of Every Monday Bundle sales and the hits keep on coming. This week’s deal is a nice set of eight indie anime/manga-inspired games for you lovers of that art style. Pay a measly $1.89 within the next 24 hours and get a gorgeous mix that includes the awesome Freedom Planet, which you NEED to check out if you’re into retro-style platformers:


Yes, it’s a MUST buy and as part of today’s bundle, it’s a no-brainer purchase, I say. Oh and I guess this is some sort of anniversary for me as well, as this is my 5200th post. Yikes. Well, that’s not a lot of posts to me, as I need to do more just to keep up with what’s in my assorted inboxes. Where’s my helper money and fast typing robot coffeemaker when I need them? It’s supposed to be the FUTURE, right? Grrrrr!

IndieGala Has A Happy Monday Deal For You Bargain Hunters

indiegala EMB 03162015

If you have at least $2.49 burning a hole in your pocket right now and need something fun to do with your PC or laptop, well… yup, it’s that time again. The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle is calling you. Can you hear it? Good. This week’s selection is mostly role-playing games from mostly western indie developers. Some are Japanese inspired old school goodness, some are western style old-school goodness. You’ll figure it all out soon enough because you’re good like that. Or, you just learned it all from me and aren’t as thankful as you need to be.

Whatever. As long as you’re playing more games and enjoying them, it’s all good.

Mix it Up on Monday With IndieGala!

indiegala EMB 03092015

While I rest up my golden throat and silver eyeballs for tomorrow’s meeting with 505 Games, you can go buy some cool indie games over at the IndieGala Every Monday Sale. This week’s bundle features eight games for $2.49, and a nice mix of titles at that. Adventure games, a digital board game for up to four players, classic arcade shooting and more, all for a song. Thankfully, you don’t need to sing in order to get this deal. On the other hand, for that little money you may just be singing so happily that the neighbors will think something’s wrong with you.

Okay, stop it with all that wide-grinning and humming too loud and go play some games, I say.

Six For Your Pocket Change in Today’s IndieGala Monday Bundle

IndieGala EMB 3022015

It’s March already? Yikes. Well, no matter how fast the year moves, IndieGala is there like clockwork with its Every Monday Bundle. This week, get six Steam games for $1.99, including the cool, creepy first-person sci-fi adventure Master Reboot:


I’ve yet to play it, but I’ve heard some nice things about it from a few friends who have. At the price of about 33 1/6 cents, it’s probably worth picking this deal up. I do have Depths of Peril on disc already, but it’s been loaned out and isn’t currently installed on any of the hard drives here. Hmmmm… what to do? Yeah, like it’s that much of a deep though coin toss. SOLD.

Get Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut for FREE From IndieGala!*

DP_TDC Free at IndieGala


*Well, you have to spend ten measly bucks in the IndieGala store to get Access Games’ sleeper hit gratis. But that’s probably going to be the easiest ten measly bucks you’ll ever spend, I’d bet. Heck, buy ME a game or two and keep Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (a $24.99 value) all for yourself. My coin flip says you’re buying me Ziggurat. Well? I’m waaaaaaiiiiting…

Okay, okay. You really don’t need to get me anything at all, actually. But passing up on the chance to score a quirky horror game that bends and breaks a few rules while getting a few fine games in the process? That’s not going to do you any good at all.


DP_TDC FREE with ten buck purchase at IndieGala

And nope, buying that awesome Dragon Bundle or any other bundles don’t count towards that ten bucks. Hit up the IndieGala Store and see what you can score, as a load of stuff is on sale and you can probably grab three or more games for under a ten-spot and get Francis York Morgan (and friends) in a murder mystery mash-up for the digital ages. Okay, less talking, MORE buying and playing, I say! Get going, people!

Saturday Night’s All Right for Bundles, Get a Little Action In!

the puzzle bundle 

Yes, it’s been so hectic here that I’ve missed out on a few bundle stories, but that doesn’t mean you need to go without some entertainment this weekend. Got a thing for wordplay and other light entertainment? Boogie on over to Bundle Stars and nab the Puzzle Bundle for $2.49. You get a ton of great word games, some hybrids and even a slot-machine simulator that will make you wish your PC or laptop could pay out when you win! Don’t blame me if you get hooked, though.

Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 

Humble Bundle has a few cool deals this cold weekend including the Humble Square Enix Bundle 2, a nice selection of mostly AAA titles you can have for $15 or less. I’d go for the $15, as more games will be added to the deal shortly and it’s already a great purchase.

Humble Weekly Bundle Coop 2 

Or you can grab a friend and get the Humble Weekly Bundle Co-op 2, where $10 gets you seven games designed for more than one player. Sure, you can play them by yourself if you like. But where’s the fun in that when it’s nicer to share the wealth. Especially if you make your friend pay for this deal. Then you’ll HAVE to share even if you’re just showing some non-gamer the ropes.

indiegala friday special bundle 

Meanwhile, over at IndieGala, the Friday Special Bundle offers up two deals that are hard to pass up. Get four Steam games for a buck or shell out $3.49 for ten more. The page is a tiny bit confusing, but even if you paid $4.49 for all 14 games there, it’s still a phenomenal deal you don’t want to miss.

IndieRoyale doesn’t want you to feel left out, as they have The Debut 24 Bundle up, currently at a mere $1.87 for nine titles. There’s a nice mixture here as well of stuff to play in complete to not so complete forms. Everything is good in this budget bundle, but if you’re into fantasy-themed games, it’s all about Witches,Heroes and Magic. WHAM is more or less an homage to the Might & Magic strategy series, but played as a fast-paced action game with loads more challenge. Ride big monsters, command troops and most of all, try not to let your character get killed, as perma-death is in the house here.

Okay, that’s it for now – feel free to poke around each site’s online shop, as there should be even MORE deals to be had and perhaps even a free game or two if you know where to look.

IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Five More Games To Keep You Otherwise Occupied

IndieGala EMB 20915 

So, in the middle of a too stupidly busy day, I get ANOTHER copyright strike from YouTube courtesy of the overzealous idiots at Rico Management. Wonderful. Now that I’m boiling with rage over some bullshit (again, I have done nothing illegal here – I just posted videos I was sent to post to help promote the film I reviewed, so thanks go to for nothing but grief to a few people at this point), I still have to be polite here and tell you about this fine deal over at IndieGala.

Five games for two bucks may not seem like such a solid deal after the bigger bundles they’ve offered in the past. But there’s quite a lot of gameplay for the money and you’re helping fund a charity or few. So, pipe down and go take your medicine, I say. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go scream at someone and go take that dumb-ass Copyright School test AGAIN. Grrrr. I hate this sort of irresponsible behavior by faceless entities who need to sat out of the lives of people like me who stay on the decent path in life. But I guess these jerks need a lesson in knowing we’re all not thieves and pirates or whatever.