What’s Cookin’? Did Someone Order The Psycho Peppers?

Psycho Peppers 1Thanks to the fine folks at Lingham’s Hot Sauce (or Lingham’s Chilli Sauce if you’re reading this from anywhere where it has that original name, I’ve got a few bottles of their extremely tasty goods to try out in a few recipes. This one’s too easy to whip up and in fact is a variation on a pizza pepper recipe I do ever so often.

As fir the name “Psycho Peppers”…  yeah, well.  I had to name them something catchy and that moniker popped into my head after I mixed a bit of Lingham’s SriRacha (smoky and spicy!) and Extra Hot (yes, it is!) together to see how they’d taste and proceeded to dip one of the hot chili peppers on the right of the pic to test the results out with. PROTIP: Keep some cold milk, yogurt or ice cream handy if you do this taste test thing.

Hokay, there’s really not much to this, so calling it a “recipe” is a bit of a stretch. Still, there are photos below the jump and some basic (overwritten) “how to” scribbling if you can’t figure out what to do with those ingredients above.

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What’s Cookin? Lingham’s Makes For Some Saucy Memories

So, yeah. I haven’t done a nice cooking article in a while. But that’s probably because I’ve been in a bit of a food rut for a bit. I guess you could say it was something akin to this, but with me and a great deal less comedy (or something like that):

(thanks, HDTVADDICT!) 

I cook the majority of my meals myself, only occasionally going out to eat or if I’m really lazy, buying precooked soft noodles and tossing assorted appropriate leftovers into a bowl for a zippy but dull lunch or supper. Oh, don’t go weeping into your freshly made consommé, kids – this story has a point! Anyway, about two weeks back I was dinking around the former Deals (which is now a Dollar Tree) picking up a loaf of nice Pepperidge Farms pumpernickel and I spied something that took me back about 30 or so years. Continue reading

Runaway Nightmare Trailer: Vinegar Syndrome Brings Back The Bad, Bad Girls…

I’d only heard of this 1982 exploitation flick from a few friends who saw it back in the day and this trailer makes me want a working time machine so I could go back to the days of popping downtown to Times Square to catch unabashed junk like this in a double feature guaranteed to make me burn up a few brain cells before all was said and done. You don’t see these films for their “educational” value, that’s for sure! Granted, super cheap ticket prices aside, those bad old days were pretty hairy for movie going in that area, what with the sticky floors, smelly seats and generally rowdy crowds at most theaters save for the first run houses that were kept in as pristine shape as can be. Anyway, this DVD is out July 8, 2014 at the Vinegar Syndrome site, so go grab it, round up a few friends and some suitable eats and have a blast, I say…

Vinegar Syndrome Has Your Hump Day WELL Covered: Baby Rosemary + Hot Lunch (Kinda NSFW)!

Now, when I see the words “Vinegar”, “Baby Rosemary” and “Hot Lunch”, my brain automatically thinks of cooking up something like a nice chicken dish using the first two as ingredients. Some nice balsamic vinegar, a bit of olive oil and that baby rosemary would make an excellent marinade,maybe with a bit of English mustard for a surprise kick. I’m drooling already! Then I clicked PLAY on that video above and it wasn’t food I was thinking about (although my stomach was still growling something fierce). I think exploitation DVD mavens Vinegar Syndrome have other ideas for this Wednesday as you can see above. Yeah, there’s nothing like some well-aged 1970’s cheese in the form of a double feature that’s not for the kiddies at all. Actually, these drop on June 3rd, 2014, but you may as well take these teasers and run with them over to the VS site anc check out what else they have to offer…