Tuesday’s Off: Something Hot And Cheesy Today

not so hot tuesday (1)

More not so hot pepper action today while I recuperatecooked. Those sunny windows here come in handy for growing stuff and I like the size variations from the two plants producing these peppers. As with the last few I kept the simple recipe used: chop off the tops, remove the seeds and save them (More peppers? Sure!), add a filling of choice (crushed garlic and some spinach topped with mozzarella cheese) and bake for about 10 minutes or so in a preheated 350 degree oven.

light lunch of sorts cooked you just got seved


Or something like that. I’ll try something different with the next few peppers as I’ve a few ideas floating in my head, a fresh bottle of vinegar and a ton of garlic and other stuff lying around of late.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Off: Something Hot And Cheesy Today

    • I’d mail you something but that’s always trouble. You’d see the postman polishing off what I cooked and looking all innocent as if nothing happened…


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