What’s Cookin’? Did Someone Order The Psycho Peppers?

Psycho Peppers 1Thanks to the fine folks at Lingham’s Hot Sauce (or Lingham’s Chilli Sauce if you’re reading this from anywhere where it has that original name, I’ve got a few bottles of their extremely tasty goods to try out in a few recipes. This one’s too easy to whip up and in fact is a variation on a pizza pepper recipe I do ever so often.

As fir the name “Psycho Peppers”…  yeah, well.  I had to name them something catchy and that moniker popped into my head after I mixed a bit of Lingham’s SriRacha (smoky and spicy!) and Extra Hot (yes, it is!) together to see how they’d taste and proceeded to dip one of the hot chili peppers on the right of the pic to test the results out with. PROTIP: Keep some cold milk, yogurt or ice cream handy if you do this taste test thing.

Hokay, there’s really not much to this, so calling it a “recipe” is a bit of a stretch. Still, there are photos below the jump and some basic (overwritten) “how to” scribbling if you can’t figure out what to do with those ingredients above.

Psycho Peppers 2You’ll need:

  • A few mild and shapely round-ish peppers*
  • Lingham’s Extra Hot Sauce
  • Lingham’s SriRacha Sauce (to taste, but about a teaspoon or so of each, more if the peppers are larger, of course)
  • Some thin spicy peppers (I grabbed a handful at the Halal market nearby. 42 cents worth goes a long way!)
  • Cheese! Well, cheese that melts well. I went with Monterey Jack with jalapeño for the extra kick.


I grow my own peppers in a few sunny windows in the home office here, but you can use whatever small to medium variety you like. If you go with those HUGE stuffing peppers, feel free to expand this recipe accordingly and add more fillings (chopped mushrooms, onions, some real or fake meat if you like and the cheese(s) of your choice.

Anyway, enough stalling. This recipe covers the smaller peppers shown. *Note: You CAN indeed use HOT peppers (Scotch Bonnet and Habanero work well here, Jalapeños are fine if you slice them sideways and lay them flat to cook). Wear gloves and tell any guests you’re going to both clear there sinuses and attempt to assassinate them simultaneously.

  • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
  • Cut the tops off and remove the seeds from those peppers (cut the ribs holding the seed bundle and use a spoon to lift that out, then use that spoon to gently get the remaining seeds out. NOTE: Save the seeds if you have a nice sunny window or garden with space, good soil and a desire to save money on assorted peppers by growing your own.
  • Add a small squeeze of SriRacha to each pepper, followed by a few drops of Extra Hot Sauce to taste (or tolerance if you use spicier peppers)
  • Cut a few appropriately-sized cubes of cheese and place them into the peppers (guesstimates are fine and feel free to stack smaller cubes of cheese atop each other). Optional: feel free to add a chopped hot pepper or a tiny slice of one to each pepper before you drop the cheese in).


Psycho Peppers 3

If you want to do something fun with some or all of that less that fifty cents of hot peppers, try this:

In an oven safe small ceramic bowl (you have one, right?) mix some Extra Hot and Sriracha (optional: some fresh sliced or chopped garlic and perhaps some chopped onion), drop in a few of those chili peppers and cover them with that cheese.

Psycho Peppers 4 

Pop the peppers into a cast iron pan with some foil in it (or anything you like that will go into that now hot oven. I’d just taken my pan out of the oven after cooking a seafood burger thing I may post about at some point, so it was hot and ready to roll right back into the hot zone).  The bowl goes beside it or you can place it on a sheet pan or something else oven safe. Pop that all into the oven for about 10 – 15 minutes (feel free to use a timer of some sort)…

Psycho Peppers 6 

Psycho PretzelHey, look! A random recently baked hot pretzel has appeared! Hi! Would you like to stay for a snack? There’s a movie coming on I really want to watch… (Pretzel nods) Really? Cool!  Well, just have a seat in this niiiiiiice and comfortable bowl here and I’ll check in with you in about 15 minutes. La la laaaaa…

If you’re a constant peeker into the oven, stop that! Don’t worry. The peppers will let you KNOW when they’re done (sniff, sniff). You should detect a mild aroma of “Hey, I’m reaaaaaaadyyyy!” coming from the oven in about 10 minutes. Check and see if the cheese is melted and if it’s still not, lift the tops off and let them bake a few minutes longer. Bubble, bubble – toil and no trouble…

As for the bowl, if it’s not melty and bubbling (the cheese, NOT the bowl!), you can pop it under the broiler for about 30 seconds (which will also brown up the peppers a bit). If you do this, STAY IN THE KITCHEN. Left unsupervised, you may burn the peppers and fill your home with that spicy pepper scent that gets your guests (pretzel included) sneezing and gasping. You want that to happen AFTER you serve this dish.

Psycho Peppers 7 

Trick the pretzel onto a plate (try offering it some kosher salt), place the peppers tantalizingly out of reach of the pretzel and get the bowl out of the oven or from under the broiler. Serve immediately (the shocked pretzel with be used as a dipping tool (sucker!), but if you happen to have a burger of some sort, a fresh baked potato or mashed potatoes handy, that bowl will get emptied even faster.

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