The Dead Don’t Die: Jim Jarmusch Doing Zombies? Yummy.

Okay, the whole zombie genre is so played out to me that it would take something really quirky to get my yawny brain percolating in deciding to watch yet another entry in an already packed field. Well, thanks to the one and only Jim Jarmusch, here’s a zombie film I’d run out to see in a theater as well as snap up a disc at some point down the road:

Also, Iggy Pop as a zombie? Too damn funny (although Keith Richards would have been a more obvious choice), and the rest of the casting is inspired and diverse enough to make this a crowd pleasing gem for fans of everyone in this hopefully awesome flick. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see (and not pay a damn bit of attention to aggregate scores at all), but I’m prepared to go in cold and come out all warmed up about this one based on my appreciation towards Jarmusch’s previous work alone.


The Boxtrolls Didn’t Have Me Intrigued At First. The Trailer Changed My Mind…

Okay, I’d been ignoring Focus Features’ upcoming animated film The Boxtrolls for a little while (because the name did nothing for me other than make me think of a generic new kid-friendly IP) until someone pointed out to me that it’s based on the Alan Snow book Here There Be Monsters!, is stop motion animated from Laika, the folks who made Coraline and ParaNorman. I decided to look up a few trailers and yes, I’m glad I did. Despite the light electrocution, ugly but cute monsters and a bit of weird hand-licking going on, this seems to be not as dark as the two aforementioned films. Of course, I tend to like my modern animation creative and slightly darker in tone, but this isn’t turning me off at all and you can’t beat the craft that goes into making films like this.

This one hits theaters September 26, 2014 in standard and Real 3D formats and given the current state of the box office this year, I’m actually wondering if we’ll see a holiday home video release just to make up for slow ticket sales. Eh, we’ll see what happens, I suppose. It’s almost always guaranteed that a film like this isn’t going to destroy anything coming out around the same time in terms of tickets sold…

BAD WORDS: Bateman’s “Bee” Movie Will Make Your Ears B-U-R-N

It’s great to see Justin Bateman branch out and direct his first film and his upcoming comedy BAD WORDS looks like one of those “so wrong it’s hilarious” non-PC films that might make for a fun watch. Granted, him playing against the sort of clueless and too nice guy stereotype he’s been known for since the Arrested Development days might not convince a handful of fans this is some sort of breakout role, but I’ll give him the benefit of your doubt.

Hey, my doubts are non-existent. I don’t doubt the man’s talent at all and he’s certainly not looking so clueless here. And yeah, kudos to that kid (Rohan Chand of Homeland) and some deft editing that make this look a lot more shocking than it probably was to film. Will I see this? At a screening if one comes to NYC, sure (and definitely when it pops up on cable whenever that happens).

Walk of Shame Trailer: Hmm, Ladies Get Hangovers, Too? Who Knew?

And yeah, yeah… I know they do. They also do a lot of other normal to abnormal stuff some dumb guys still don’t realize, but perhaps they’ll catch onto one of these days (right ladies?). Anyway, Elizabeth Banks proves she’s game for anything (again) in this upcoming comedy. I don’t normally cover this sort of flick, but I got a chuckle watching the trailer (predictable as it is) and decided to toss up a post. Now, I won’t run out and see this at the movies at all, kids. But when it turns upon cable (by the end of the year, I bet) I’ll probably take a look at it. Your mileage may vary of course, so feel free to mark your own calendar if this chick-centric flick floats your boat. There, my good deed for the day is done (I think)…

The Last Days on Mars Trailer: Venus Envy

(thanks, movieclipsTRAILERS!)

I bet these doomed astronauts WISHED they were on Venus or somewhere else safer and less genre-fied, as even this upcoming flick’s title seems to note that there won’t be many (or ANY) survivors when all is said and done. Of course, rocking an Alien vibe is either a good sign or some trailer-esque editing that makes this LOOK like a bit of a too close to the bone reworking. But as usual, we shall see. Although I always laugh nowadays when I hear those “stingers” used in movie trailers on the soundtrack. It’s like whatever has invaded the ship is wearing a portable keyboard and is playing that sound effect as it stalks around the ship. SURVIVAL TIP: Stay in the nearest closet with a blunt object, and when the monster walks up or by and hits that note, slam that door open and give it the what for with your hammer or whatever. Roll credits.

Review: The World’s End

The World's EndA pretty wild chef’s special of comedy, drama and an unusual (but very British) sci-fi element, The World’s End is quite probably going to be the ultimate pub crawl flick for some time to come. Of course, given the current state of the planet with stuff falling apart all around the globe, the film just might be THE ultimate pub crawl flick, period. Fans of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz will be happy campers thanks to some familiar elements and lots of in-jokes, but some of the second half and perhaps the ending of the film may leave new viewers cold because they’re not into the blending of humor and melodrama offered here.

Of course, just like that special menu item you have no control of once your order is placed, everything on that plate won’t taste as great as some would like. However, that’s only if you get picky mid-meal and start poking through that strange looking but tasty sauce to criticize the ingredients you don’t much care for underneath. This is a film that works best when you just sit down and take it all in, letting all the laughs hit you as they come forth and holding off any “serious” discussion until you’re comfortably nestled atop a bar stool somewhere afterward, freshly poured brew of choice in hand…

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The Hollow Crown Trailer: Shakespeare for Smarties…

I’d actually not heard of The Hollow Crown series until I saw this trailer and found it pretty amusing because I can see those who don’t know the Bard’s works seeing this and immediately getting a Game of Thrones vibe (in that they’d mistakenly thing this is a GoT rip-off, eek!) when they should have been paying more attention in English class. Anyway, I guess I may take a peek at this set at some point as you can’t really muck up Shakespeare too much if you round up enough talent who knows the man’s work inside and out, right? I know, I know… I just got a serious “What fools these mortals be…” from that based on a few not-so hot adaptations. OK, I’m happier than usual to-day, so I’m letting my sunny side show.

The World’s End: Doomsday With Drinks? I’ll Take A Ticket, Please…

the world's endNice. I just put myself down for a screening next week of The World’s End (there’s one tomorrow, but I’m not free to attend) for this upcoming Focus Features film featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (and a bunch of other talented and funny folks), so I’m probably going to review it here as well. OK, I’m absolutely going to review it, as it’s tough to get me out of the home office as it is, so I may as well let you all know if this one’s worth stepping outside and maybe having a meteor clobbering you on the skull. Or worse.

HOW much worse? Oh, I dunno… use your imagination (or just watch that trailer above a few times)…