Walk of Shame Trailer: Hmm, Ladies Get Hangovers, Too? Who Knew?

And yeah, yeah… I know they do. They also do a lot of other normal to abnormal stuff some dumb guys still don’t realize, but perhaps they’ll catch onto one of these days (right ladies?). Anyway, Elizabeth Banks proves she’s game for anything (again) in this upcoming comedy. I don’t normally cover this sort of flick, but I got a chuckle watching the trailer (predictable as it is) and decided to toss up a post. Now, I won’t run out and see this at the movies at all, kids. But when it turns upon cable (by the end of the year, I bet) I’ll probably take a look at it. Your mileage may vary of course, so feel free to mark your own calendar if this chick-centric flick floats your boat. There, my good deed for the day is done (I think)…


4 thoughts on “Walk of Shame Trailer: Hmm, Ladies Get Hangovers, Too? Who Knew?

    • Well, mostly true. I’m sure embellishment is in here somewhere, but I’ll bet this may have actually happened and more than once to the same person who keeps forgetting things once she’s too drunk. Ah well…


    • Same here, but I hate movie trailers like this because they sometimes make a film look worse than it is. On the other hand, it may be a WYSIWYG flick she happens to make work as far as her character goes. Eh, I’ll find out about eight months after it hit theaters…


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