BAD WORDS: Bateman’s “Bee” Movie Will Make Your Ears B-U-R-N

It’s great to see Justin Bateman branch out and direct his first film and his upcoming comedy BAD WORDS looks like one of those “so wrong it’s hilarious” non-PC films that might make for a fun watch. Granted, him playing against the sort of clueless and too nice guy stereotype he’s been known for since the Arrested Development days might not convince a handful of fans this is some sort of breakout role, but I’ll give him the benefit of your doubt.

Hey, my doubts are non-existent. I don’t doubt the man’s talent at all and he’s certainly not looking so clueless here. And yeah, kudos to that kid (Rohan Chand of Homeland) and some deft editing that make this look a lot more shocking than it probably was to film. Will I see this? At a screening if one comes to NYC, sure (and definitely when it pops up on cable whenever that happens).