HUNTDOWN: It’s Been A Long Time Coming, But It’s Been Worth The Wait


Here comes trouble, and there goes your free time!

Way back in 2016, I saw a trailer for a wild little 2D game from an independent developer and I was pretty excited because it captured a few nostalgic vibes from both some older games and plenty of crazy action flicks:

(Thanks, Easy Trigger!)

Skip ahead to the next year, and the game went through some changes that made it look even better. I was able to sign up and test out an in-progress version on Steam, and it was pretty great even though some parts were in need of a little refining (as any work in progress would – a demo of a game is NOT a full game experience). Even with the parts that needed work, what was there was such a huge improvement that it was clearer this was going to be even more amazing when it was completed:

(Thanks, Coffee Stain!)

Now (well, tomorrow), the final game is ready for its closeup and wow, does it look too nuts or what? “Hold on to your butts!”, as the saying goes:

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E3 2012: Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo: Like It Or Not, It’s Coming Your Way…


This is pretty great to look at, but remember: it’s ONLY a tech demo and under the right hands, I’m betting things can only go up from there. But at what cost? For me, a game engine is only as good as the programmers and artists who end up using it. There have been a number of games created with older and current versions of the Unreal engine that do an amazing job of NOT looking as if they were made using it (which is really cool in my book). This leads me to believe that while we will indeed see plenty of games that make us all say “Oh…THAT’S Unreal 4?”… we’re going to be sitting through a lot of games before that, sighing “Oh, that’s Unreal 4…” Continue reading

Bulletstorm TV Spot Pokes Fun At The Classics…

Duty Calls, indeed! February 22nd is (*BOOM!*) right around the corner and Epic, People Can Fly and EA have a nice kick in the, er, you know where for you shooter fans. Fun and funny stuff here (screw the Faux news fake “reportage” about the game, folks) – pick it up (er, provided you’re of age).

Preview: Bulletstorm Hands-On

Picture this: eight grown watching another grown man playing a video game while yelling “Shoot him in the ass! Shoot him in the ASS!” at him in unison as the guy is indeed trying to do just that to some poor virtual gun-toting goon. A few shots later, the guy flies head over heels and as he’s spinning, a shot hits him right in the butt as the words “FIRE IN THE HOLE” appear above his rotating corpse. Ouch. Well, it’s either some sort of Deliverance meets Dirty Harry-inspired fever dream or you’re watching someone play EA’s upcoming lead filled blast-fest known as Bulletstorm.

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