HUNTDOWN: It’s Been A Long Time Coming, But It’s Been Worth The Wait


Here comes trouble, and there goes your free time!

Way back in 2016, I saw a trailer for a wild little 2D game from an independent developer and I was pretty excited because it captured a few nostalgic vibes from both some older games and plenty of crazy action flicks:

(Thanks, Easy Trigger!)

Skip ahead to the next year, and the game went through some changes that made it look even better. I was able to sign up and test out an in-progress version on Steam, and it was pretty great even though some parts were in need of a little refining (as any work in progress would – a demo of a game is NOT a full game experience). Even with the parts that needed work, what was there was such a huge improvement that it was clearer this was going to be even more amazing when it was completed:

(Thanks, Coffee Stain!)

Now (well, tomorrow), the final game is ready for its closeup and wow, does it look too nuts or what? “Hold on to your butts!”, as the saying goes:

(Thanks, Coffee Stain!)

Yep, it’s nuts – but we like nuts specifically in terms of the blend of B-movie tropes and the game throwing in so many references to so many games while being pixel art perfection. It’ll be available on PC via Steam and Epic Games, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, but Sony better get on the ball and get its PlayStation Store page for the game up today at some point, because everyone else has had their pages up for a bit. Well, there’s no game page yet (as of this writing), but you do get a neat interview with the game’s Creative Director here.

huntdown trio

Get it – or get added to their hit list…



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