Set Your Phasers to BUY With Some Cool Coop Star Trek Gear

Product_STL140_Golduniform_laptop_bag_02_2048x2048 Product_STL141_Phaser_FannyPack_04_2048x2048


“Attention carbon units/what would you do/if you had to save the earth/from something attacking you…”

Well, you’d probably want to at least be decked out looking somewhat Enterprising for the occasion, particularly if you know where that quote above has been transported from. Anyway, with San Diego Comic Con rolling up, thanks to The Coop and Entertainment Earth you Trekkies and Trekkers are getting some really cool stuff to send some of that disposable income on. Of course, you don’t need any sort of convention to snap up anything in this post if you’re a fan who wants to show off your love for all things Trek.

Coop Phaser Fanny Pack

First up is this officially licensed Phaser Fanny Pack ($39.95) from the fine folks at The Coop. While it’s not available in mid-July, it’s highly (and logically) recommended to pre-order this one. In fact, the order page even notes “Pre-payment necessary to secure your bag”. I thought a good snap closure was the best way to secure one’s bag, but I think you get the drift. Anyway, that fanny pack’s phaser graphic is almost good enough to get you some extra attention from TSA agents should you want to tote it onto an airplane. Hey, they just want one of their own, is all.


Next up is this awesome Uniform Laptop Bag ($49.95), available in the three colors you’d expect. And fear not, superstitious ones: the red bad will protect your laptop just as well as the blue or yellow one. Unless you run into a pissed off Gorn at the airport. In which case your bag is his and he won’t need it because he’s made a bag out of that skin you used to live in. Ouch. Maybe you want to pack an extra first aid kit somewhere on your person (or in a $24.95 Command Dopp Bag) and stay out of the way of any angry-looking bipedal reptile-like creatures. He may LOOK as if he’s smiling at you but he’s not.


Finally, if you’re feeling like taking more stuff on the road, do it in total Trek style with this Enterprise Messenger Bag ($79.95). Yes, it’s officially licensed and like the other products it’s designed in-house by The Coop’s troops. It kind of looks as if could just take off and fly to your destination without you, doesn’t it? I like it a lot because it lets the world know you’re an original Trek fan whether you’re a new recruit or have reached Admiral status for all those years you’ve served the Federation. Add a couple of Kirk and Spock Graphic Luggage tags ($9.95 each) and you’re all set for that five year voyage. Or longer if you only fly coach.

Maybe The Coop can make an actual working teleporter? Or not, as if that were made so, no one would see their awesome bags and tags. Anyway, you’ve got some stuff to buy so I shall let you be for the moment. Set engines to impulse buy power and deflectors OFF so you miss nothing else they have on their site.

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