State(s) of Emergency

 Ah, memories…

Since 2002, whenever I read or hear the words ‘State of Emergency’, my brain automatically triggers a little earworm of a title tune from the game of the same name released back then. It can’t be helped either, and goodness knows, I’ve tried hard not to get this song starting up in my head when those words come into eye or ear reach (I guess this video may trigger some out there? Or at least get them a case of earworms):

(Thanks, PAL!)


Timely, I guess?

Back at that time, I worked in a small independent game shop here in NYC and that game was one we ran as a demo for a few weeks on and off.That attract mode is what, two minutes and nine seconds long? Imagine what that does to one if you’re watching that intro a few hours a day. Would anyone like a slice of baked earworm? It’s quite tasty and there’s more than enough to go around.

Rockstar Games (which was about a 10-15 minute walk away from the store) was coming off a rather massive 2001 with the release of DMA Designs’ popular and controversial multi-million selling Grand Theft Auto 3 and many gamers were expecting State of Emergency (and there goes that tune again in my head) to be the next big thing from the studio. It both was and wasn’t, but an explanation is in order here. By the way,  I liked the game overall, warts and all.

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It’s Henry Rollins’ Birthday! I’ll Be The Guy With The Gag Gift…

(Thanks, HA L!) 
SO, yeah – get him a gift if you know the man and/or listen to some of his music today if that’s your thing. Me, I’ll just dig up a copy of Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter and play through a few missions. It’s not a “terrible” game (just a bit bland) and developer Warthog did some amazing job with that proprietary game engine that allowed seamless transitions from first-person shooting and exploration to spaceship combat way back in 2003 that it’s still pretty cool to see in action. I’m sure somewhere out there Rollins is wishing no one brought this game up, but hey, I think it’s better than making a thing of his appearances in those Def Jam fighting games for EA. What the heck was THAT all about? Ah well…

Random Film of the Week: A Mighty Wind

A_Mighty_Wind_MPAs a comedic take on the folk music scene, reunion concerts, one-hit wonder “where are they now” musicians and a few other choice targets, A Mighty Wind works on every level provided you have at least some small interest in the subject matter. Granted, most of the jokes and songs score because they’re so darn well written and delivered by a great cast, but I’ve seen this film with some people who don’t quite get or appreciate all the subtleties of some of the films funnier moments.

Christopher Guest’s great under-appreciated 2003 “mockumentary” features plenty of comic talent on display showing off their singing skills as well as pulling off some great bits that make this one constantly amusing and even laugh out loud hilarious at times… Continue reading

Random Film of the Week: Bad Santa

bad_santa_xlgSo, did you hear the one about the people who want to do a sequel to “It’s A Wonderful Life” getting an internet sized hobnailed boot thrown at them for even deigning to think of such an outrage? Neither did I, as that could be disaster flick was only just announced. That’s one reason why Bad Santa and A Christmas Story have long since replaced that well-known and beloved classic as my favorite holiday movies.

Yeah, yeah, there’s also been a sequel announced for the former (but nothing has appeared to date)while the latter has become a “must-see” holiday show for tourists coming here to New York City, but Terry Zwigoff’s mean-spirited, outrageously funny masterpiece grabs your Yuletide wishes by the short hairs, yanks hard and starts punching everywhere so hard that you may find yourself crawling around looking for your eyeballs under the table they rolled under after they pop out a few too many times… Continue reading