Weird Tales (and It’s All True)

Thanks, OOdie Smith!)


Amusingly enough, my last post seemed to cause some voodoo spirits* or whatever to affect my posting through Firefox, as I’m now writing this on Google Chrome after installing it because I can’t post or respond to posts using Firefox now. Weird, as it’s been an issue since last night when I was trying to post two reviews and respond to a few comments and I couldn’t. It was late and I was tired, so I did the usual human thing of going to bed without resolving the problem.

Of course, this didn’t work at all as a proper solution when I went to check early this morning to see what was up.


I think I turned into Sir Ben Kingsley as Don Logan in Sexy Beast at this point, or I got up and had a cup of strong coffee, or both. But like a politician, I choose not to remember certain things as a matter of convenience. Oh, that video you clicked on was very NSFW (no, not in a sexy manner), but I may also have been (ALLEGEDLY), and Sir Ben is better at emoting, so there. Nyah.

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RoboCop “Man and Machine” 1 & 2 (Or: Oh Man, What A Machine!): Get Me Rewrite Edition!

Aha. I see what happened! I accidentally overwrote this post somehow thanks to having TWO “Add New Post” tabs open, using one to post these trailers, closing up shop for the night and restating today to use that second window. WordPress recognizes multiple windows open as the SAME post, so if you try to be slick and do multiple posts in different tabs, you’re going to simply overwrite the first post as you think you’re publishing NEW ones. Blargh. I haven’t done that in a while, so I’ll need to NOT do that again. (gives self Vulcan memory pinch): “REMEMBER.” Any-way, here we go again (and I HATE rewriting stuff, so it’s a bit different this time:

As you can see, there’s a new shiny metal sheriff coming to town, so you’ll want to be extra good while hoping this film is as well. I think it’ll do well on its own merits, but you know some of the die-hard who want that R-rating will be going after this one for anything they see as not as good as the original. On that note, I say as long as you guys cling to that classic, it’ll live on forever. But don’t poop on this reboots’ parade if it manages to get stuff right and isn’t a bad film at the end of the day. Granted, it’s going to be headed to home video in what, four to six months from now and possibly hit cable before the end of the year, right? So you can see this without paying that ticket price. I guess if you average in whatever you pay for cable or whatever streaming service you use, you’ll be buying this for LESS than a dollar soon enough. Ha and ha ha.

Meh – I like the old post better, but this will have to do. At least I dug up a third clip I just noticed while recovering the other two. The FUNNY thing is I had a tab with the old post in it open, but closed it, so I could have copied and pasted the darn thing if I’d caught the error! Ah well… Love me, love my dumb mistakes!

Blog Rolls in the Oven… Done By the Weekend (Hopefully)…


I know, I know – I need to finish updating the blogroll over there on the right (yeah, the one that was like three times longer before I accidentally deleted all the links a while back, oops!), as I’ve added a few new folks to my reading list along with some other sites you should check out. I’ll get to that this weekend. I’m still in the process of reformatting over 1000 older posts from the old DAF site to WordPress and that process has been sloooooow thanks to me being that one man band with busted instruments. Anyway, I figured out a devious plan to fix old posts AND get news ones up by linking to them in the future. This will force me to fix those old posts so they don’t link back to the old site anymore and MAYBE, some of those stubborn-heads who’ve subscribed there will slowly but surely get the point and drift on over here at some point. “Yeah, that’s the ticket!” he said, rolling his eyes… Oy yoy yoy, do I need me one of those typing monkeys. Or a Roomba with working fingers to kill a few birds with one stone…