Blog Rolls in the Oven… Done By the Weekend (Hopefully)…

I know, I know – I need to finish updating the blogroll over there on the right (yeah, the one that was like three times longer before I accidentally deleted all the links a while back, oops!), as I’ve added a few new folks to my reading list along with some other sites you should check out. I’ll get to that this weekend. I’m still in the process of reformatting over 1000 older posts from the old DAF site to WordPress and that process has been sloooooow thanks to me being that one man band with busted instruments. Anyway, I figured out a devious plan to fix old posts AND get news ones up by linking to them in the future. This will force me to fix those old posts so they don’t link back to the old site anymore and MAYBE, some of those stubborn-heads who’ve subscribed there will slowly but surely get the point and drift on over here at some point. “Yeah, that’s the ticket!” he said, rolling his eyes… Oy yoy yoy, do I need me one of those typing monkeys. Or a Roomba with working fingers to kill a few birds with one stone…

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