Weird Tales (and It’s All True)

Thanks, OOdie Smith!)


Amusingly enough, my last post seemed to cause some voodoo spirits* or whatever to affect my posting through Firefox, as I’m now writing this on Google Chrome after installing it because I can’t post or respond to posts using Firefox now. Weird, as it’s been an issue since last night when I was trying to post two reviews and respond to a few comments and I couldn’t. It was late and I was tired, so I did the usual human thing of going to bed without resolving the problem.

Of course, this didn’t work at all as a proper solution when I went to check early this morning to see what was up.


I think I turned into Sir Ben Kingsley as Don Logan in Sexy Beast at this point, or I got up and had a cup of strong coffee, or both. But like a politician, I choose not to remember certain things as a matter of convenience. Oh, that video you clicked on was very NSFW (no, not in a sexy manner), but I may also have been (ALLEGEDLY), and Sir Ben is better at emoting, so there. Nyah.

No matter what I was trying, I got no response from the site. I thought this new problem and the fact that WordPress wan’t auto-saving my posts for a few days was simply due to my stupidly putting my laptop to sleep instead of restarting it. But a few restarts later, this is what I get when I access WP through Firefox:

Screenshot_2020-01-29 WordPress com

Eh… What’s Up, .doc?


Now, I can get onto my site just fine on Firefox, but as soon as I try to write or respond to posts, it’s all The Ghost and the Darkness and some lion from a The Twilight Zone episode in my place waiting to jump me. Wonderful. I’ll get to responding using Chrome, but this is a job for Superman, Underdog, Batfink, Dick Tracy and maybe The Navy vs. The Night Monsters, but The Navy seems to be busy a bit busy in this case. I wonder if Mamie Van Doren can help with this? Help!

Hey, I was going to ask Sir Ben Kingsley, but I might get a Don Logan response for bugging him about this dumb problem.

The Jungle

I’m not lion when I say this is… inconvenient, at the least.


Long story short, I’ll probably have to reinstall Firefox and see if that fixes things, but for now I’ve got two different browsers running (yeah, yeah, I know) and am flipping between both until I figure things out. Feh. Give me something like happy sheep jumps and corny cute animal stuff that’s well shot instead… which brings me to this snippet from a documentary you should track down:


(Thanks, upcycle!)


Yeah, It’s All True, indeed (sigh). Okay, I have some reviews to finish, by hook or by crook, Don Logan raging (that I don’t recall EVER happening!) notwithstanding. I’ll be back shortly.


*Note: Nope, I’m not superstitious.
** Note: Nope, I’m STILL not superstitious.


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