Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer: Re-suit Reboot Looks To Grab Loot



So, how are you doing, dear readers? Good? Good. Me? Meh, I’m doing okay. Anyway, I missed the first trailer to Spider-Man: Homecoming a few months back, so it’s above and the newer trailer that dropped yesterday is below. The big legal issues keeping Spidey out of Marvel’s bigger cinematic universe seem to be ironed out (at least for the foreseeable future), so say hello a second time to Tom Holland, whose portrayal of the character in Captain America: Civil War helped give that film some much-needed levity. Speaking of levity, how’s the kind of in-joke of Michael Keaton going from playing Birdman to another bird-man get you? I don’t think Oscar will come calling again for a superhero flick (despite what Logan has done in terms of critical response and yeah, yeah, Suicide Squad winning its hair/makeup award), but it’s also just fine by me that this reboot isn’t looking as cheesy as the last few attempts at making him a big deal were.


That said, my rules of engagement still apply: Unless I get invited to a premiere here in NYC, I’m holding out for the Blu-Ray version for those bonus features and any extended footage chopped out of the theatrical cut. I don’t think Marvel is quite as nefarious as DC in terms of this stuff, but I’m admittedly a few films behind in both cinematic universes.


Funko Hikari Friday! Gold Spidey Up For Grabs!

HIkari Premium logo 

This week’s giveaway from Funko is a biggie. If you love Spider-Man, HUGE vinyl figures and the prospect of owning one that looks as if it’s made of gold, well… this one’s for you. Er, only if you’re the lucky winner, that is. Take a gander at all 10 inches of 24k Gold Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure:

24k Gold Spider-Man Premium Sofubi Figure 

Again, he’s not REALLY made of 24k gold, but he is kind of rare. WIN and you get #1 of 750 off the line. Enter by going to one of Funko’s social sites:


Follow the rules and BOOM, you’re in. If you win, you get a note and later a big ol’ box. If you lose and still want this, it’s now available at your favorite Funko retailer. As always, GOOD LUCK, and check back in next week for another giveaway!

Hikari Friday: Mystic Powers Spidey Could Be Yours!

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This weeks Funko Hikari Friday giveaway? It’s a simply too colorful for his own good Spider-Man up for grabs. ONE lucky winner will get #1 of 1000 of this limited edition Hikari Premium Japanese Vinyl Mystic Powers Spider-Man in all his shiny rainbow-colored glory. Check him out below:

Funko Hikari Vinyl Mystic Powers Spider-Man 

As usual, entering is a cinch, but winning takes a LOT of luck. Still, take a chance and you never know. Spidey just may be slinging some of those mystic powers of his on your tchotchke shelf as a nice surprise! Anyway, hit up Funko on one of their social channels:


Follow the dirt-simple rules and you’re in it to won it. Hopefully! The lucky winner of this week’s figure will be notified in about a week. Good luck and check back next week for a new giveaway!

Hikari Friday: Win Spider-Man or Astro Boy This Week From Funko!

HIkari Premium logo This week in Funko-land, you can win big if you’re the one of the lucky two chosen to get one each of these cool figures. Check out the Distressed Spider-Man Hikari Sofubi Figure below. At a whopping 8 inches tall, he’s nicely over-sized, folks:

Funko Distressed Spider-Man Hikari Sofubi FigureAnd below Spidey, here’s another Gemini Collectibles exclusive, the Infrared Astro Boy Hikari Sofubi Figure. Take a look, people:

Funko Hikari Premium Infrared Astro Boy Figure (Gemini Collectibles)

Each one is #1 of a limited 750 piece run, so if you do win, you’ll get giddy that you’ve got the first one off the line for not a dime. As usual, you can enter simply by heading to one of Funko’s social network spots:


follow the dirt simple instructions (usually a follow and post of some sort is required) and you’re all set. Of course, if you luck out and don’t score some swag for FREE, you can always pony up some of that hard earned dough of yours. That Distressed Spider-Man will be at your nearest Funko retailer in January, while the Infrared Astro Boy pops up on Gemini Collectibles’ site at the end of this month. Winners are usually announced on Thursdays, but as next Thursday is Christmas, I’m betting Funko will drop the news a day sooner or a day later. Hey, don’t try and pin me down for a better answer – you’re lucky you get an update on this site every so often with all I have going on! Anyway, good luck and definitely have a stupidly super weekend!

Hikari Black Friday! Free Spidey and Frankie For Two Lucky Winners!

Hikari logo HIkari Premium logo 

While some of you are out there shopping away and getting sore all over, smarty-smarts out there are doing it all online and hoping the also score big in the process. Funko wants to help you today by giving away two more awesome Hikari Sofubi figures, one standard and the other premium.

Metal Mix Spider-Man 

Metal Mix Spider-Man Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure is the first figure up for grabs. This one’s Premium and over eight inches tall (!) and #1 of 500. Remember, if you don’t win, still want one and don’t mind paying for it, you can hit up your favorite Funko retailer and bug them until they sell it to you. Trust me, it won’t take long for money to exchange hands.

Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Metallic Frankenstein Hikari Sofubi Figure 

The second figure is Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Metallic Frankenstein Hikari Sofubi Figure. Yeah, he’s a cutie, isn’t he? Okay, the gold eyes are creepy, but that metallic finish on his clothes make it look as if he’s wearing a sharkskin suit! Well, if you like Frankenstein’s Monster as depicted in the Universal Movies, that is. This one’s limited to 750 pieces (you’ll get #1 off the line) and if you miss out, you can grab your own over at the Gemini Collectibles website.

Those in the know know how to go about entering and potentially being the big winners. But once more with feeling for those new to all this stuff: Boogie on over to one of these social sites using your clicky-clicky hand skills:



Instagram @OriginalFunko

Enter and hope luck is on your side! You look as if you could use a little more luck today, I think.

Hikari Friday (On a Saturday, Oops!): Spidey 2 The Rescue!

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Okay, my email inbox was SO packed this week that I’d not even seen the note from Funko about this week’s Hikari Friday giveaway. OOPS. That said, this week’s potential freebie is a HUGE one you’ll always see if it lands on your doorstep. Say hello to the…

New Dimension Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure:

New Dimension Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

You KNOW how to get a chance to win this one, right? Yup, boogie on over to one of Funko’s social media channels, enter and start making room on a shelf or in a cabinet somewhere.

Instagram @OriginalFunko


If you don’t win, you can buy one of these limited to 1500 pieces collectibles this month at a Funko retailer near you.

Double Hikari Friday From Funko: BIG Spidey, Smaller Skeletor Up For Grabs!

HIkari Premium logoSo, this week, Funko is giving away TWO very cool limited edition Hikari Sofubi Vinyl figures, one in the standard Hikari line and one in the Hikari Premium line. Going in reverse (because it’s Friday and I didn’t sleep last night thanks to that review copy of Tales of Xillia 2 that kept me up allllll night), enter and you can get a chance to win this HUGE Premium Blaze Spider-Man Hikari Sofubi Figure (#1 of only 1500 made!):

Premium Blaze Spider-Man Hikari Sofubi FigureHikari logoIf you don’t win that big Spidey, it’s going on sale this October at your favorite Funko retail or online emporium! Or, you can try and be the lucky winner of win this lovely (well, for a Masters of the Universe figure, it’s kind of handsome in that devilish manner, I guess) Mythos Skeletor (# 1 of 1000 AND an Entertainment Earth exclusive!):

Mythos Skeletor EE 

As usual, pop on over to one of Funko’s social media channels:

Instagram @OriginalFunko

Enter and keep whatever lucky charms you use handy as you lurk near your inbox and hope you’re getting that box in the mail! As always… Good Luck!

Hey, Spider-Man 2? Even Electro Doesn’t Spark My Interest…

Uh… nope. I’m not feeling this new Spider-Man movie at all for a few reasons. The reboot was kind of lame and forced with way too many CG effects (par for the course for this franchise) and worse, separating it from the rest of the Marvel movie lineup has always been a terrible idea because as come comic fans know Spidey WAS an active Avenger for a brief time. Anyway, this new film has too many villains, too many connected bits (I think the Oscorp-created heroes is a terrible idea) and nope, I don’t like the casting here at all. That said, this one will rake in the dough as it were because the fans don’t seem to care thanks to them just wanting more of the same but bigger and louder.

That said, I’d really rather see a filmed version of that now dead Broadway musical Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark just because of all that behind the scenes turmoil that went into the live show and all its changes during and after its initial previews and premiere. I hope someone was smart enough to shoot that, as even as a flawed work, there’s something about a live show (or a filmed version of one) that’s a good deal more interesting and impressive than a film with a room full of computers powering the better parts of the action scenes…

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer: Busier Than Times Square At New Year’s Isn’t The Best Thing Ever…

Sure, it looks thrilling and all, but I’m not on board with the secret life of Peter’s dad, Andrew Garfield’s massive head with that massive pompadour (or whatever hair shape that is on his head) and a few other pesky things. The Rhino is a Transformer? Oh well – better than than Paul Giamatti in a smelly fake rhino hide suit, I’d gather. The film looks even more like a video game in those action scenes and while that MAY be a good thing to some of you out there, the fact is there’s a game in the works and the movie doesn’t need to go that route to keep my attention. But, hey… it’s what the people want and what they’re going to get no matter what grumpy guys like me grouse on about. Well, for all the stuff flying around and Spidey in peril shots, the only saving grace here is you can’t tell what the heck is going on with the story at all. Then again, this may simply mean this sequel is even more plot-laden than the reboot was (which is not a good thing at all). Oh well – as long as there’s no disco dancing in this one and Peter somehow loses the skateboard and attitude between now and the release date, maybe there’s something here to salvage into whatever the third film will eventually be.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pre-Trailer Trailer: Wake Me When It’s Over Over…

I didn’t like the reboot at all for many reasons and I don’t think I’ll like this sequel equally at all either (he said, intentionally mangling the language with relish). If this one’s as overblown and underwhelming as the reboot was, I’m only going to be smiling when the people who think this will be better get what they deserve when they pay up for that movie ticket. Now, I don’t wish Spidey any ill will at all, mind you. I just wonder how a TV series would do as a weekly show or series of monthly movies that might cost a lot less than what’s looking like a CGI-packed ego project (with Stan Lee popping up in a cameo again). Then again, other than bits and pieces, none of the Spider-Man films has ever really been my favorite. I think I’ve seen the first one three times, but every other one except for the reboot twice. That one I saw once on cable and I almost changed the channel when (yet again) Peter Parker was mask-less for too long as if it’s contractually obligated for his secret identity to be revealed to as many people as possible at the most inopportune moments.

Bleh. Anyway, all these days of “Ooh, here comes the trailer!” trailers and the resulting foaming at the mouth and pants from the usual suspects online only add to the sense of desperation I sense going on from folks who so want this to be bigger than it needs to be. These folks so want the movie to be better than it is that they’ll fool themselves that it’s much more awesome than it actually turns out to be. Of course, that’s Hollywood these days, so I guess I can take it or leave it as usual. Leaving it gives me more time to do stuff I care about a lot more than a film with what’s going to be a four or less month trip to Blu-Ray at the end of the day…