The Witcher 3 on Switch: Some Sort of Demon Magic at Work Here

Floored. I am totally floored at how the heck CD Projekt Red and Saber Interactive got The Witcher 3 squeezed onto Switch. Yes, it’s 30fps (mostly, but expect a few drops here and there) and yes, docked mode looks like the best way to play, but wow. While there are flaws to it, its simply amazing to see in action AND it has every drop of DLC content whether you get it physical or digital.This proves a few things about the hardware and ports, but as usual, some folks won’t see them because they’ll be busy kmcking this port instead of being knocked out by what went into getting the experience down on the system as intact as they could.

I’ll defer to the masters of over-analyzing, who give to you straight. Here are a handful of screens to look at:

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Review: Spintires: Mudrunner – American Wilds (Nintendo Switch)

spintires switchAs with the PC and other console versions, Spintires: Mudrunner – American Wilds ($39.99) on the Switch is a pretty outstanding technical achievement, although this latest version isn’t without a few caveats. Packing in all the original game’s content along with the American Wilds expansion, it’s pretty amazing to see this simulation arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid looking and playing so well. Granted, it’s running at half the frame rate of the PC version and you’ll likely enjoy docked mode more than handheld mode if you’re a total visual purist. But it’s still amazing to see the Switch pumping out everything the more powerful consoles can with mostly relative ease.

If you’re new to the game, expect a hefty challenge the simple and quick tutorial deftly dances around because the game is meant to hook you in and have you figure out what you can do at your own pace.  This isn’t some fast-paced arcade monster truck fest with power-ups or turbo boosts galore. Nope, it’s a methodically paced simulation that demands practice and patience galore, but despite the learning curve manages to be incredibly fun and rewarding when all is said and done.

spintires loggy

“Keep on truckin’, baby…. you got to keep on… truckin…”

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Review: Spintires: MudRunner

Spintires_MudRunner_logo (Custom)

Spintires_MudRunner_Pack2D_PS4Taking the wheel from original developer Oovee Game Studios, the talented team at Saber Interactive has brought an expanded and even better SPINTIRES experience to consoles and PC with an excellent, highly challenging, and quite rewarding driving game that’s going to baffle some gamers while it pleases a certain bunch of folks who love to play in the mud.

Interestingly enough, Spintires: MudRunner (or MudRunner: A Spintires Game) also works supremely well as a hybrid driving/puzzle game where the environment is your worst and sole enemy as you attempt to simply drive from Point A to Point B or just try to enjoy exploring the massive, gorgeously detailed maps. This isn’t a game about speed at all, folks. It’s more about control and the ensuing chaos when that control is lost.


MudRunner adds a new (shorter) tutorial, a new sandbox map, a Challenge mode and ups the truck count from 6 to 19. While it has a “casual” mode, this clearly isn’t a game for those who want to hop in and get blazing down a dirt road taking corners with powerslides. Here, you’ll rarely get above 20mph, the paved roads aren’t the widest you’ll drive on, and that mud? It’s practically got a life of its own thanks to an amazing physics engine that’s been tweaked even more from the PC original.

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I’m Betting My Money On Inversion This Month…

So, it’s this months featured banner (for at least a week or so) until I decide my E3 pick), as you can see above. Namco Bandai and developer Saber Interactive are finally getting set to bring Inversion your way and I say you should take a look at it. The genre-bending, gravity-defying, hyphen-friendly action shooter looks to put a fresh spin on the usual cover-based shooters we’ve seen over the years and from what I’ve seen and played months back, the game was definitely one worth giving a shot. It’s been in the oven for a bit more time, so my fingers are crossed that not only do gamers get it… they “get” it when they play that this isn’t yet another Gears of War wannabe at all. Although, I’d say the first time they’re having a firefight against an enemy at an impossible angle and they use the Gravlink to yank an enemy out of cover and blast it or arc that first grenade at 90 degrees, they’ll be hooked…

TGS 2011: Inversion Teaser Trailer

Saber Interactive’s innovative gravity flipping cover-based shooter is one of those games you HAVE to play to fully grasp. This action-packed teaser is a fun clip, but I can see some people mistaking it for yet another Gears of War clone (when it’s FAR from it). As I’ve said previously, this one will surprise a lot of people once they get their hands on it. Hopefully Saber can make the full experience as rewarding and surprising as what I’ve seen and played so far. A Vita version down the road would be really sweet as well.. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Ace Combat: AH & Inversion 101 Gamescom Videos Show Off The Goods Quite Well…

Yeah, yeah, I’m a bit behind here, but that’s because I’m swimming in stuff to do. Anyway, a one-two punch from Namco Bandai here. ACAH is looking too dynamic for words (who needs Top Gun? Bleh.) while Inversion continues to amaze me for a few reasons. People need to start looking hard at Saber Interactive’s upcoming shooter, as it breaks a few rules while breaking new ground (literally and figuratively) in the game space. I need to play this one again at some point, so I’m hoping we see a demo before it ships in 2012…

Inversion Co-Op Trailer Makes Me Go "Hmmmm…."

Saber Interactive’s upcoming innovative gravity-defying shooter has co-op play I was curious about, but thankfully, Namco Bandai has dropped this Gamescom 2011 trailer on my head so I can share it with you guys and gals. I think they’ve got a nice sleeper hit here that will surprise a few shooter fans expecting the same old same old. More to come from Gamescom shortly…