Oops: Think Geek Reminds Me I Forgot Their Star Wars Day Sale… There’s Still Time To Buy!

ed08_star_wars_death_star_tea_infuserOkay, you only have until midnight to grab some bargains at 20% off, so you last-minute shoppers can and should boogie on over to the Think Geek shop and check out the oodles of Star Wars goodies they have for sale. I actually couldn’t find the other half of my tea infuser earlier today, so this Death Star Tea Infuser is calling out to me like millions of voices from destroyed Alderaan. Hmmm, I wonder if someone thought it was a gas explosion right as it happened? Ouch.

Anyway, I also like these awesome Lightsaber Umbrellas (available in three styles!) because I just NEVER carry an umbrella and this would completely make me do just that even if there’s not a cloud in the sky. Of course, I’d maybe want a waterproof Jedi raincoat, but that’s what the Force is for, correct? Then again, I wouldn’t need an umbrella if I can keep rain from making my clothes wet… hmmmm…

eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas_grid_2 eb54_lightsaber_umbrellas_in_use_2

Anyway, time’s a’wastin, Padawans! Get some (more) shopping done already!