Star Trek TV Series Teaser: That NEW Final Frontier, A Minus For Those Who Can’t Stream


Um, Warp Factor ZERO on CBS for what seems to be a great idea on one hand, but a LOUSY one for people who don’t like to or can’t stream content to their homes. Apparently, the premiere episode will indeed be shown on your local CBS affiliate here in the U.S. of A., but after that, the show will ONLY going to appear as a part of CBS All Access, a paid channel similar to HBO GO. Ugh. As you can imagine, some are quite cranky about this. Me, I kind of hope the realization that the MORE people who can watch this show from the get-go means it finds an audience WITHOUT piracy to get more people watching than actually paying to see this. Yeah, yeah, I know the excuses for the pro-piracy crowd and how that activity can drive up viewership in some cases.

But in this particular case? I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and get more money from people just because you have a hot new show and a showrunner who’s done great things in the past. For many who want to see this legally and on what they already use, they may all be singing this little ditty (just roll with it. I know full well the old crew isn’t in this new show!):

(Thanks, Chris Carothers!) 

That and I’d bet Gene Roddenberry would want his stellar trekking vision free to all interested parties within eyesight of ANY sort of viewing device. Then again, the teaser promising among other things, “New Villains” along with that slow-motion planet cracking stuff may mean (SPECULATION ALERT!) that the new Trek will be more action-oriented for the shorter, easily bored attention spans these days.

I sure hope the hell not, though.



6 thoughts on “Star Trek TV Series Teaser: That NEW Final Frontier, A Minus For Those Who Can’t Stream

  1. For me in my little world you are the bearing of soooo much fantastic news! From cool upcoming retro video games to WHAT?!.. A New Star Trek TV show?!! You will soon surpass Google for the value you add to my Internet surfing experience 🙂


  2. Whoa! I’m glad you posted this because I hadn’t heard anything about a TV reboot. Just watched the trailer, which doesn’t look that interesting. But it’s still early in the game, I suppose.

    Interesting to see that CBS is trying to keep such tight control over this. I’m sure a lot of TV execs will be closely watching to see how this plays out.


    • That teaser is a really weak tease for sure. I’m not a fan of CBS wanting people to pay a fee to watch a reboot that may miss a big audience worldwide after the pilot airs for “free” on network TV. Not everyone streams content and if the first episode has huge numbers, the next few will show how many viewers buy into seeing more versus how many try to pirate or just go see it at a friend’s place with others just to avoid paying whatever the sub cost is.

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