Kromaia Ω: Kraken Empire Sets Its Sights On The PS4

Kromaia Omega logo

Kromaia PS4Indie developer Kraken Empire‘s formerly PC-only open space shooter, Kromaia, is getting a makeover for the PS4 this fall in the form of Kromaia Ω (Omega). The visually stunning sleeper from last year was one of those games that was well worth tracking down just to get one’s mind blown by the visual style and surprising depth for an arcade-style game.

The game will get both a retail and digital release, which is a bit surprising on the surface. But it seems that the big push to digital-only that’s been going on for a while isn’t the best thing for some niche titles like this that deserve a wider audience, some of whom prefer the choice of how they get their games. Rising Star Games deserves huge thanks for thinking of consumers this way,although it would be even more awesome to see all of their PC games get this console retail/digital treatment a some point. Continue reading


Humble Weekly Bundle Features Some Great Rising Stars

HWB Rising Star Games
How’s this for a “don’t miss it!” deal? Seven of Rising Star Games‘ best indies for a mere eight dollars (or more if you choose)? yeah, I heard your jaw drop from here, pal. Every single RSG indie up for less than a song. Anyway, what’s in the digital box? Look in the box below and go get your bundle before time expires on this fantastic deal:

HWB_Rising Star Games Bundle 

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is worth it for it’s supremely bizarre take on the horror and open world game genres, but everything here is worth your time if you’re one of those open-minded gamers who loves variety and plenty of replay value. Ha – I see that you’re all busy buying and downloading now, so I’ll just silently sneak away and let you get to it.

Oopsdate: F6 Is Your Retro Friend in Kromaia!


Aha. Well, it’s Board of Corrections time! I just got a note from Kraken Empire that hitting F6 while playing changes the visuals in Kromaia to a nicely nostalgic arcade look. I’m not near the game at the moment, but a quick call to someone with the game confirms this. Welp, time to replay this one at some point this weekend (after my TRI review and perhaps Dungeon of the Endless, which has been keeping me up way to late since I got my review code). That, and I think I may challenge Score Attack mode, but it depends on how awake I am when I attempt this. All these great games are keeping me awake longer than usual… 😀

Review: Kromaia

Kromaia BoxPlatform: PC

Developer: Kraken Empire

Publisher: Rising Star Games

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: N/A

Official Site

Score: A (90%)


Now, here’s a crazy paradox for you: Kromaia is an arcade-style shooter that’s currently PC-only, yet it bridges that gap between old and new tech and ideas past the point of reinvigorating a genre that might seem a better fit for consoles or yes, arcades. Yeah, yeah – you PC die-hards will be rolling your eyeballs and shaking your fists in my general direction right about now. But I counter that stuff by saying this is exactly the sort of game that needs to be on more platforms and not just exclusive to PC, no matter how large the potential player base is. It’s that good, that fun and that challenging and nope, you 3D-hating shmup fans aren’t getting off easy by skipping this because it’s not got a sprite in sight. The game is new-school looking, old school hard as nails and while “short” (Note: Arcade 101, Class 1: it’s not the length, but how much you go back to the game that counts), packs quite a memorable punch…
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Kromaia Hands-On: Blasting Cool Looking Stuff Four Ways ’til Sunday (Well, Any Day of the Week)…


Kromaia ArtKraken Empire’s upcoming space shooter Kromaia is going to be one of those games genre fans will be more than pleased to see thanks to the stellar visuals and intuitive control scheme (provided you use a keyboard/mouse or decent game controller). Rising Star Games has wisely snapped this one up for a Q4 2014 release and I recently got my paws on some preview code to take for a spin. And spin I did, as the ships in the game are all kinds of maneuverable thanks to the six degrees of movement through the game’s enemy and obstacle-packed levels..

The preview build had four different levels and four types of ships to play around with, each linked to one of the stages. While I could sit here and make comparisons to Star Fox, Panzer Dragoon, Rez and other excellent sci-fi or fantasy shooters where you’re set on a path without much deviation, Kromaia outdoes those games by allowing you to go anywhere you point that ship you’re flying. There are clear goals in each map, but you can choose to go off what you thought was a predetermined path and zip around at your leisure while trying not to get blown into plenty of pixels by the nicely aggressive enemy AI…

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KROMAIA: All Hail The Kraken Empire!

kromaia_store_banner_03Although I’ve voted for a small batch of Steam Greenlight games since the program was introduced, I tend to avoid most of them until they’re actually completed just to avoid any potential disappointment in that “Hey! I paid for an alpha but the finished game isn’t as fun!” manner. Anyway, the fine folks at Kraken Empire (based somewhere in Spain, I believe) are cooking up a hot little gem called KROMAIA and yes, it’s on Steam Greenlight as well as Desura. If this small team can get everything working as promised, I predict this physics-based space shooter will be one of those great “Did you play this yet?” games of this year (or whenever it’s completed)… Continue reading