KROMAIA: All Hail The Kraken Empire!

kromaia_store_banner_03Although I’ve voted for a small batch of Steam Greenlight games since the program was introduced, I tend to avoid most of them until they’re actually completed just to avoid any potential disappointment in that “Hey! I paid for an alpha but the finished game isn’t as fun!” manner. Anyway, the fine folks at Kraken Empire (based somewhere in Spain, I believe) are cooking up a hot little gem called KROMAIA and yes, it’s on Steam Greenlight as well as Desura. If this small team can get everything working as promised, I predict this physics-based space shooter will be one of those great “Did you play this yet?” games of this year (or whenever it’s completed)…

Based on the videos and developer descriptions alone, the game will be a fine and more arcade-like companion piece to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky in that the freedom allowed players should be a breath of fresh air over games that confine players to more straightforward level designs. Go poke around the game’s page and read for yourself, I say. What’s incredible about this game is it’s made by a mere TWO people. I say given their previous experiences with making games for console platforms, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo had better be thinking about sending these guys some dev kits, as this is the sort of indie game that deserves as wide an audience as possible. Arcade shooters were made for the masses, so this one needs to be played by anyone who can hold a controller, not just some keyboard jockey rocking a rig that costs as much as a couple of car payments plus tax.

Anyway, get in on this one early if you like works in progress – I predict a hit as soon as it’s out of the oven and ready to fly. Fortunately, games publisher Rising Star Games has VERY wisely partnered up with Kraken Empire for the publication and distribution rights, so this one’s going to be all over the place soon enough if I know their very capable PR team and how they’re going to promote this winner (Hi, guys!)

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