Humble Weekly Bundle Features Some Great Rising Stars

HWB Rising Star Games
How’s this for a “don’t miss it!” deal? Seven of Rising Star Games‘ best indies for a mere eight dollars (or more if you choose)? yeah, I heard your jaw drop from here, pal. Every single RSG indie up for less than a song. Anyway, what’s in the digital box? Look in the box below and go get your bundle before time expires on this fantastic deal:

HWB_Rising Star Games Bundle 

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is worth it for it’s supremely bizarre take on the horror and open world game genres, but everything here is worth your time if you’re one of those open-minded gamers who loves variety and plenty of replay value. Ha – I see that you’re all busy buying and downloading now, so I’ll just silently sneak away and let you get to it.

Cloudbuilt Now Available: Scaling New Heights Of Spectacular-ness (And Quickly, At That!)

Yeah, yeah – it’s a rerun, but hey – this one’s worth the double vision. Coilworks’ awesome and super challenging Cloudbuilt is now LIVE on Steam and already there’s an update out that addresses some issues a few players have been having. While I’ll need to go play this this weekend at a friend’s place who has Windows 7 still running fine on his PC (all of mine here use XP and proudly, grrr!), my time with the demo (also at his place) revealed that the developer is onto something with this insane, fast-paced run/shoot/parkour hybrid that’s brilliant, tough as hell and extremely rewarding when you find that perfect line and start smashing records (and progress-killing enemies in your path). This NEEDS to be on a few consoles so more people can dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

Cloudbuilt Launch Trailer: Three Days To The Condor!

I’m up WAY too early this Monday (at 6:31, I popped up and couldn’t close my eyes, sooo), but at least I can kick off this busy day with some good news. Coilworks‘ first game Cloudbuilt is allllllmost here (ignore my hasty facebook post from earlier!). Hmmm. Memo for a Monday: Make sure you’re FULLY awake before you do that posting. Ah well. Okay, let me get that coffee going! Back in a few…

Cloudbuilt Gets An Official Website (And A SUPER Fast Teaser)

Seriously, that was WAY too short, but it gets the job done. Coilworks‘ gorgeous looking and tough as nails free-runner/shooter/platformer Cloudbuilt arrives on Steam in a week, so go check out the official site and the Steam store page to see what all the fast-paced fuss is about. Fast trailer gets a quickie post – there, I’m done!

A Friendly Reminder from Rising Star Games…


Nine more days until Demi’s debut, folks. Coilworks‘ lightning paced, tricky as heck (but FUN) runner/shooter/platformer Cloudbuilt is going to pop up on Steam and hope you’re smart enough to snap it up. Granted, you’ll need to have decent reflexes and a willingness to ignore that timer and pay attention to the environments, but that’s also good advice for life most of the time. Hurry, but don’t rush, you know what I mean? March 20th is right around the corner…

Gallery Update: Cloudbuilt’s Looking More And More Like A Winner…

Well, well, well… New Cloudbuilt screens have arrived! Check them out:

Cloudbuilt_Preview-10 Cloudbuilt_Preview-11 Cloudbuilt_Preview-12 Cloudbuilt_Preview-13 Cloudbuilt_Preview-14 Cloudbuilt_Preview-15 Cloudbuilt_Preview-16 Cloudbuilt_Preview-17 Cloudbuilt_Preview-18 Cloudbuilt_Preview-19 Cloudbuilt_Preview-20 Cloudbuilt_Preview-21 Cloudbuilt_Preview-22 Cloudbuilt_Preview-23 Cloudbuilt_Preview-24

Just look at them. Lovely, aren’t they? If Coilworks’ awesome free-run/shooter/platformer Cloudbuilt doesn’t win some awards this year, I’m hanging up my controllers and packing it in for good as a gamer. This is a game I so WANT to succeed if only for the fantastic art direction and fact that it’s just too much fun for PC gamers to have all to themselves. Think of Mirror’s Edge, Gunvalkyrie, and a bunch of classic 8 and 16-bit action games all wrapped up in a neat little (and HIGHLY challenging) package. Then again, the game is ALL about pinpoint control and making the best of mistakes as there’s a way out of almost any bad jump, boost or wall dash provided you have keen reflexes and don’t panic. Continue reading

Cloudbuilt: Eternal Run Shines (of the Spotless Kind)…


I haven’t even played Coilworks’ incredible looking Cloudbuilt yet, but between that very descriptive game trailer above and the lovely screens below, I’m getting a serious Gunvalkyrie meets Mirror’s Edge meets Mega Man vibe – and that’s a damn good thing.

Cloudbuilt_Preview-1 Cloudbuilt_Preview-2 Cloudbuilt_Preview-3 Cloudbuilt_Preview-4 Cloudbuilt_Preview-5 Cloudbuilt_Preview-6 Cloudbuilt_Preview-7 Cloudbuilt_Preview-8 Cloudbuilt_Preview-9 Cloudbuilt_Preview-10 Cloudbuilt_action-tease

Man, I wish this game was on consoles on a disc so MORE people could play it. The sense of speed and what looks like solid controls only add to the fun, and given the levels seem to be open to each player’s skills, I’m expecting this to be one of those games that’s not played and put away (or deleted) any time soon (unless you’re a total loser who despises a decent challenge). Now I just need to find time to actually play that demo I’m being teased with, as Toy Fair is going to take up a huge chunk of my time for the next four days and afterward as I write up a few articles. Eh, it’ll all work out soon enough. It always does. Back in a bit.