Rejection Brings Out The Monster In Mister Chaney!

(thanks, GoodOldDaysReturns!)


Sooo, Creighton Tull Chaney fancied himself a crooner, huh? That’s a clip from the 1934 movie, “Girl O’ My Dreams” in case your interested. He even rhymes “akimbo”, “bimbo” and “limbo” here before he gets laughed back into his seat! Hmmmm. It seems the old prof thought his warbling was quite monstrous indeed and his disapproval sent the young mister off his would be singing career and down a darker path. Well, at least we got some good monster movies out of that rejection, hmmm? That, and the later know as Lon Chaney Jr. got his revenge of sorts by warbling the theme song to Spider Baby over 30 years later. Revenge can be sweet once in a while, but here it’s got the aftertaste of old booze and pancake makeup left on for too many hours.

Well, other than the alcoholism and other negatives, one could say the direction his career took was a more interesting life choice. I just couldn’t imagine From Mice & Men as a musical (and yeah, it would HAVE to have a Tom & Jerry cameo!)…

Monday Still Not Working For You? How About A Trip To The Dentist To Cheer You Up?

(thanks, GoodOldDaysReturns!) 

Yeah, I figured that would work. Actually, I’d bet that watch this under any stressful situation, you’ll just feel less stressed. Maybe. Unless you’re actually sitting in that dentist’s chair, he strolls up as you’re grinning like a loon, is NO fan of old musical numbers and thinks you’re making fun of his profession. You’d better hope that he doesn’t “accidentally” extract the good teeth you have left and leave the bad ones is all I’m saying…

Slight Productivity Increase Allows For Tap Timeout!

(thanks again, GoodOldDaysReturns!) 

Well, I actually got some stuff done today that didn’t revolve around me wanting to strangle my computer or anyone in the vicinity, so I’m happy and feel like celebrating for a bit. Er, this is all the warden will allow, though… so take it or leave it, folks. Whee! And hey – Keep those hands to yourself, mister – that’s 30 days in solitary if you get too frisky, grrr!