Konami Kills Silent Hills; P.T. Probably Gone For Good

P.T. RIPIf you own a PlayStation 4, love horror-related games and have yet to play P.T., get ready for a little shock. You only have a few hours before that title (which stands for Playable Teaser and was actually a concept demo for the Guillermo Del Toro/Hideo Kojima Silent Hills project that was to feature The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus as the lead) is probably gone forever.

Konami has canceled the project entirely and will be yanking the demo off the PlayStation Network on Wednesday the 29th. The company still plans to keep creating games in the long running Silent Hill series in the future, but the loss of this demo comes as yet another blow to fans of Mr. Kojima’s work. This latest business decision comes not too long after both Kojima and Kojima Studios’ name were removed from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain after still unrevealed disagreements between the creator and company. Both his name and his studio’s name were also chopped from the P.T. demo site in Japan and it seems that once the free demo is gone, it’ll not even be available to download even if it’s been placed in one’s PS4 queue for play at some point in the future.

P.T. Title Screen 7780S (Custom) 

As a bit of a gaming historian and big (but sometimes easily rattled) horror fan, this irks me to no end as well as shows how lousy digital distribution really is in terms of preserving content. Pulling a game demo may not seem like a big deal to many of you and it’s not really a huge deal at the end of the day. That said, given that P.T. showed off more creativity and genuinely freaky scares than some completed games, not having the demo around to show off in the future doesn’t bode well for any other demo or full game deemed disposable by companies who want to erase the past. Foo. Hopefully Konami will reconsider and at some point make the demo available at some point down the road. However, given the company’s kicking Kojima to the curb so abruptly after decades of service (no matter the reason, it’s a shame how things seem to be ending), it’s a bad sign of things to come if other games deemed doomed get dropped on the chopping block.

Anyway, if indeed the demo does disappear forever, there’s always YouTube for watching videos of people playing it. Konami’s official P.T. clips on its Japanese channel seem to be already gone, which is annoying because there were some reaction videos featuring gamers and non-gamers that were flat out hilarious. Oh well. Life goes on… but with a little less great scary as hell stuff to share with like-minded folks.

What a shame.

Tuesday’s Off: More YouTube Nonsense? Sure, Why The Hell Not?

The PaybackHere we go again. Another day, another account strike, same jerks pulling the same stunt. Look, YouTube. Whomever is doing this is clearly abusing your new and quite stupid system to their benefit. According to the email I’m getting from a PR contact, no one at the film company has a clue who’s pretending to be representing them.

Your policy that anyone who claims to be a rights holder or protector or whatever is totally corrupt. Based on all the people who this “Rico Management” have hit with takedowns and have lost their accounts who probably aren’t going to be coming back to your “service”, unless you take action yourselves to find and kick these frauds off your site for good, expect to see some other video service overtake you sooner than you think. I’d post a video with this, but I can’t get into my damn account because I need to go back to that damn stupid “copyright school” and do the damn stupid test again that I didn’t need to do at all because I’m being trolled hard.

I’ll just describe the gloriously dirt simple image of someone giving you and “Rico Management” the finger in a looping ten-minute clip for now. Got it? Good. Now fix this problem, please. Music for today? See above. Or here, as at least I can still use links to the site, grrrrr. Back in a bit, as this is making me a bit grumpy (and I don’t mean like the Cat)…

Drop Dead, YouTube. Seriously.


Okay, let’s see now. I get a movie to review on the site the other day and post two videos also sent by the PR folks who sent the screener on my YouTube channel. Today, I see that one of those videos for whatever reason has been taken down thanks to the request of some other company I have no clue about and according to the new and f—ked up YouTube rules:

You received a copyright strike

You now have 1 copyright strike. Getting multiple copyright strikes can lead to the termination of your account and the removal of all your videos. To avoid that from happening, please don’t upload videos that contain copyrighted content that you aren’t allowed to use.

Oh, DROP DEAD, please. I’m not running that clip to violate a copyright, I’m RUNNING IT AS PART OF MY GODDAMN REVIEW. Period. What the hell is up with all this nonsense that keeps people from producing content (and UNPAID content at that when it comes to my channel) and stupid threats that just make honest guys like me want to go out and drop a planet on some jerks with quick trigger fingers. Your stupid mandatory “Copyright School” video I’m forced to watch and be quizzed on is insulting and I can’t watch it anyway on my slow-ass connection here, which means I can’t respond to the fools who had that clip removed (yet).

If anything’s going to get me to drop off the damn internet and go be a cranky hermit in the woods, it’s shit like this. How about having idiots who have issues with content contact the ALLEGED offenders directly and see what’s what BEFORE this jackass judo you do on the accounts of innocent people? This chop first, ask questions maybe later thing isn’t going to cut it with me. Whatever. Thanks for ruining my Sunday night, clowns.