Tuesday’s Off: You Should Be Dancing, Yeah II

(thanks, Aleksandrs Vorobjovs!) 

Blech. Today’s off to a crappy start thanks to some idiot who needs to wake up and smell the coffee doing something he shouldn’t have that burned down all the bridges around him in one swell foop. Nope, it wasn’t me this time. It’s not fun at all watching someone lose his mind like that. But he’s old enough to know better yet still blames others for his misfortunes, vices and flaws. I don’t need that nonsense around me, so steps will be taken to remove said pox from the vicinity. Anyway, let’s all go dancing today just to keep things light. Whee! No more of this as it develops because it’s not important in the grand scheme of things. Some people just vote themselves off the island is all you really need to know.

(thanks, docludi2!)

Tuesday’s Off: More YouTube Nonsense? Sure, Why The Hell Not?

The PaybackHere we go again. Another day, another account strike, same jerks pulling the same stunt. Look, YouTube. Whomever is doing this is clearly abusing your new and quite stupid system to their benefit. According to the email I’m getting from a PR contact, no one at the film company has a clue who’s pretending to be representing them.

Your policy that anyone who claims to be a rights holder or protector or whatever is totally corrupt. Based on all the people who this “Rico Management” have hit with takedowns and have lost their accounts who probably aren’t going to be coming back to your “service”, unless you take action yourselves to find and kick these frauds off your site for good, expect to see some other video service overtake you sooner than you think. I’d post a video with this, but I can’t get into my damn account because I need to go back to that damn stupid “copyright school” and do the damn stupid test again that I didn’t need to do at all because I’m being trolled hard.

I’ll just describe the gloriously dirt simple image of someone giving you and “Rico Management” the finger in a looping ten-minute clip for now. Got it? Good. Now fix this problem, please. Music for today? See above. Or here, as at least I can still use links to the site, grrrrr. Back in a bit, as this is making me a bit grumpy (and I don’t mean like the Cat)…