The Bloom Is On The “Oh’s”: Bloom County Is Back

Bloom County 2015

For those who missed its nine-year run back in the 80’s, Bloom County was one of the main reasons to still check out the comics section in one’s daily newspaper. Writer/artist Berkeley Breathed bought a supremely sarcastic and subversive strip to the masses with an art style slightly similar to Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury, but with a more oddball cast. Since I don’t hang out on Hatebook, er, Facebook much these days, I missed the photo above as well as the first new strip below. Thankfully someone pointed me in the proper direction and made me do a happy dance for a hot minute or two. Good. Life just got better for millions and worse for a certain bigmouth with a wild coif who’s going to get taken down a few pegs. “THBBFT!” indeed, folks.

bloom county 2015 strip 1

Welcome back Opus and company. You’ve been sorely missed. Hopefully, you’ll stick around for a while longer than the first go-round. But we shall see what happens…


Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did.

While I’m dealing with some rather dopey computer issues today, here’s one of the best things that happened from last week. As a big fan of Mr. Watterson and his work a d a sort of recent convert to Pastis’ hilarious strip, this is one of those “Can’t believe it happened, but SO glad it did!” events that made me smile a lot. I know people want Bill back in comics on a more regular basis, but I say take this moment and three days worth of strips and savor it. If he wants to do more at some point, it’s ALL up to him. I don’t think Calvin & Hobbes is coming back because he stopped it when he ran out of things to say with those characters and I think anything new would be forced and fan-driven, which always turns out badly in the end for some creators. On the other hand, if wants to do *NEW* material, I’m more than fine with that! Okay, get readin’, people! I need to fix some stuff and figure out what’s mucked up on the site.

Back in a bit (tomorrow, it would seem)…

Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did..

Peanuts’ Citizen Kane “Rosebud” Strip Is Still The Greatest Spoiler Ever Told

If you’ve NEVER seen Citizen Kane, STOP reading this post NOW. Seriously.

Okay, well… of course, you can keep reading and ruin the experience, but that’s your problem I say. You’ve been warned.

Rosebud 1968

As a regular reader of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts for decades, even as a kid I was always floored by how deep the simply drawn cartoon was. I started reading it in the late 60’s, but I only vaguely recall some of the strips from back then. However, in 1973, one particular Sunday page stood out and as that post title notes, is what I consider the best movie spoiler I’ve ever read. Now I hate most spoilers thanks to a few favorite books and films being ruined for me intentionally over the years. But this one stood out because I didn’t know what the heck Citizen Kane was and reading this strip made that title stick in my mind and later, do some digging on the movie and its place in history. I don’t recall seeing it on TV here in New York at all, so all I had were the memories of others I occasionally asked about the film whenever the opportunity arose.

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Humor(?) Another “Oh No You Didn’t” Cartoon…

Yikes Yikes, indeed. Even “funnier” (or not, depending on your own sense of humor), the book Kermit is reading is titled (Eek..) “VASECTOMIES FOR DUMMIES”… Yikes. Yeah, try explaining THAT one to the kids (should they have access to a decent magnifying glass, as it’s hard to see in the published size). Ha, Ha, Ha.  As a former Muppet Show fanatic, I should be more annoyed at this, but I think that’s a waste of my time. I have bigger fish to fry. And eat. Now I’m hungry and no longer mildly pissed off. Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater! Eh, I don’t think anyone will freak out about this much if at all, but I’m glad I’m not the one who drew this up. Cue the ghost of Jim Henson in a ratty Big Bird suit with a Candyman hook on one wing. Someone better sleep with one eye open, is all I’m saying…