When The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Whee. According to all the frantic and too melodramatic weather reports (complete with doomsday theme music!) it’s supposed to SNOOOOOOW up this way at some point tomorrow afternoon into Tuesday. Reports say up to two feet (maybe) blizzard conditions with up to 40mph winds. Nice. Well, my two feet will then need to get my one ass outside early tomorrow to get some work done before I sock myself in for the long haul. Or short haul. or no haul if this storm ends up as a bust instead of the BOOM it wants to give us in the kisser. Anyway, I’m up to my earbows in stuff to do, but if there’s some sort of power outage, I’ll be silent but deadly or something like that.

Or, “Here we go again!”. or “Oh, no… reruns!”

(thanks, Movieman Trailers!) 

Actually, it hasn’t snowed like this here in a while, but I’ve been disappointed by previous NYC snowstorms where the reports were for massive amount of snow but the pre-show hype was more overblown than the snowdrifts were. That said, according to those reports, the coming storm system isn’t playing around at all. I fully expect some fools to lose their lives when they go out to snap those unsafe selfies and some tree limb decides to give them a clobber for being so damned dopey. Just get some hot cocoa and a sweetie to snuggle and stay the hell indoors, people. I have neither here, so I guess a bunch of old “B” movies is the closest thing to a substitute.

See you all in a bit. I’ll try and zap up a bunch of posts tomorrow during the day before things get all white outside. Back in a bit…

8 thoughts on “When The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

    • Probably. But I’ll be too busy with that shopping list once I get to the liquor part. Actually, I think the shops around here were stocking Saint Bernard-sized barrels for emergency rescue use…


      • Oh, I’m going to probably make like a lazy American and look out the window at all that snow, get up and stuffa my face with whatever the heck is in the fridge before going back to bed. Heck, I just may get an early start on that because it’s freezing indoors where I’m typing this. Off to go back home to get some more clothing and a hot cup of caffeine in me before I keel over from hypothermia…


      • Ah ha ha and ha. I’ll queue that up for after I get through with something like five or so more of those films from the sets I bought last week. It takes a while to watch 232 bad movies. Well, more like 215 or so if you count repetition between some sets…


      • Hey, now. I would have watched all of it then and there, but I was at the library and they were closing in a half hour thanks to the snow here. I did get in about eight minutes and had a good laugh because I used to know a retired cop who wanted to become a comedian, but this wasn’t the same guy. Anyway, I didn’t thank you (oops), so thanks!


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