Aliens vs. Pinball: Ripley’s Back; She’s Got Balls Now


AliensvsPinball_Logo_FDEZenAs a longtime fan of Zen Pinball 2’s creative digital tables, I’m always surprised when I see a new board that tops what I thought was their best work. This brief teaser for the upcoming Aliens vs. Pinball: Aliens Pinball made me grin way too much (in a good way) because it looks as if it’ll be a fun skill shot paradise for silver ball fanatics.

And yes, that art above, logo to the left and screenshots below reveal the other two tables in the pack. Alien Isolation was a terrifying game in its own right, but I’m betting the pinball version will be somewhat less scary (but still a blast to play) just because Zen makes its tables for a wider age range. As for that AvP table? It should be a lot better than the films (sorry, Fox!) if it avoids them entirely and is closer to what the old Dark Horse comics were.

Alien_vs_Pinball_Announcement_Screenshot_1 Alien_vs_Pinball_Announcement_Screenshot_2 Alien_vs_Pinball_Announcement_Screenshot_3 Alien_vs_Pinball_Announcement_Screenshot_4 Alien_vs_Pinball_Announcement_Screenshot_5 Alien_vs_Pinball_Announcement_Screenshot_6


As usual, we shall see soon enough. Aliens vs. Pinball will be out April 26, 2016 (ALIEN Day!) for PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Steam, Windows 10, Mac, as well as in-app purchases for Zen Pinball and as a standalone app on iOS and Android devices.

South Park Pinball Wii U Bound. Whee, You Need to Get This!

South Park Pinball 

I’m surprised that Zen Studios isn’t getting more attention as pinball pioneers of the digital age, what with pinball making a big resurgence in a few places around the U.S. of A. that cater to all comers. Anyway, their latest smash table set, South Park Pinball is coming to the Wii U on December 11, 2014 via the eShop for $4.99 (€4,99 and £3.99 in Europe and the UK respectively). Two VERY fun tables are here to tackle, fans of the show should be pleased with all the references from the series’ long history and even better, the game is rated E10+, so parents can buy this for their kids and not worry about any content issues. Of course, if you let your kids watch South Park and watch it yourself, you know what you’re all in for. I actually did a review for another site, but need to shake the busy brain-tree here and write up one for this site. I’ll get on that this week, as I’ve a draft sitting on my laptop that just needs tightening up.

Okay, let me get back to work here – it’s going to be a loooooong day (thanks, packed inbox and other fun and non-fun stuff happening here)…

Star Wars Pinball: The Empire Strikes Back Rolls Onto PSN, XBLA


Star_Wars_Pinball_logoZen Studios does it again, dropping a new, cool pinball table onto PSN and XBLA for Zen Pinball fans. This one will have special appeal to Star Wars fans, as it’s Episode V themed and as you can see above, packs in plenty of detail and familiar characters from the film and fun cinematic stuff to make you lose a few balls over as you’re ogling them instead of paying attention to the rest of the amazing play field when these sequences end. Of course, pinball is easy to pick up for anyone who can hold a controller, so this one has wide appeal to all ages (E10+ rating aside). Zen also has a Boba Fett table coming and will reveal more next week, so pop back in to see what’s up (and yes, you can expect a certain line from Return of the Jedi used as a joke title for that post or somewhere in that post…).

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball (Yes!) On The Way for Zen Pinball 2

While I truly miss the days of beating feet to the arcades every weekend with a roll of quarters to check out the latest pinball (and arcade) games, a few very dedicated  developers who were also fans of the old school such as the mighty Zen Studios have been keeping the flame alive digitally. Thanks to some incredible simulations that take up a hell of a lot less space than an actual Pinball machine, yet manage to pack in all the thrills, you whippersnappers can play to your hearts content in the comfort of your living room and get the same thrills. Well, save for the flat out cool factor an actual hefty hunk of American made metal, glass and well-wired circuit boards brings to your living room. Hell, I bet that damn 60″ HD setup you have is where that pinball table WOULD be. Wait, what? You have a 90″ TV? Eeek. Well, good for you.

Anyway, Zen Pinball 2 (or Pinball FX2 for you Xbox 360 owners) has been getting some AMAZING updates. Here’s the latest one coming your way next week: Plants vs. Zombies Pinball, based on the popular and hilarious PopCap games. Three bucks for your PS3 or Vita (yes!), 240 MS Points for your 360. That’s a recommendation right there if I’ve ever written one. Poke around PSN or mosey around Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade in a few days, whip out that wallet and add PvZP to your collection.