#TBT: Taking The Chicken Route For A Bit

chicken and chickens (5) (Custom)
Hmmm. So, here’s a random nonsense post courtesy of the Emergency Postcast System. If you’re reading this it’s because it’s a nonsense post experiment running in case of emergency. Now, what constitutes an “emergency” will vary from person to person, but let’s just say that I’m taking some much needed time off to handle things and that’s that. I have a few posts in reserve that will run (well, once I set some dates up) and will check back in to drop in stuff when I can. I hate the way the internet works these days because it’s expected that nosy people need to know too much and anything less than that is considered “not sharing”, “rude” or whatever. Nonsense. Anyway, dinner’s ready! Come and get it before that cannibal chicken has her fill.

Back in a bit. I’ll be around… just not “around” if you catch my drift. If you don’t, don’t worry. All won’t be explained when things get back to resembling “normal” around here. And that’s exactly as it needs to be.

Happy Merry Something or Other!


Well, I’ve kind of been taking it “easy” these last few days, but not really. After a bunch of calls and back and forth and another inspection, the kitchen will (maybe) finally get somewhat completed around January 4th and 5th. Of course, while all that was going on, the old pipe behind the wall in the home office that was supposed to be fixed when they took the wall apart a few years back? Yeah, yeah… it sprung a leak again. That needs to be tackled, but it’s going to take a while thanks to the way things work around here (quite stupid in terms of getting the simplest repairs done which turn into major repairs by the time they’re attended to). Anyway, I was going to post some of the digital Holiday cards I’ve gotten here, but ha and double ha… the internet connection is sloooooooower than usual today. I guess if I believed in Santa, he’d have gotten me a better connection, huh? Well, I’m too old for that stuff, so I’ll stick to shaking my fist at reality and fighting harder so I can get all the crap I want without sticking my head in the fantasy jar…

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Zzzzzzz….