Minus four or five books not shown, I was a bit busy reading to keep sane in 2020.

So, a few days late and no dollars short, here are most of the books that have shown up from a few small to large publishers last year when I was holed up and locked down. There are a few missing from this photo, as a friend needed some emergency reads and I was more than happy to oblige. I don’t think I’ve read this much fantasy and sci-fi in a row since high school, so it was a pretty interesting few months.

Then again, when you have two strokes, survive and need to teach yourself to read and write again, it’s definitely a good thing I was able to enjoy this lot of novels, albeit a bit slower than I used to. I was a bit of a speedy reader back in the day and when these books started showing up last year, it was a bit daunting at first. But the as the amount increased, I became quite determined to get through them all. So, yes – it helped with all these books showing up. Hooray for mailing lists, and sure, I may write a few short reviews on some of these down the road a piece.



Dark Horse Comics Wants You to WIN $1000! But There’s A Nicely Nostalgic Catch-ola…

Yeah, that’s right. You need to buy a copy of Mike Richardson and Bruce Zick’s The Atomic Legion, read it up right (and probably upright!), all the while with your thinking cap on. Come up with EVERY reference in the book and you score a thousand bucks and your favorite comic emporium scores that much in Dark Horse comics and graphic novels. Of course, they’ll probably try and SELL you that thousand bucks worth of books to match that cash burning a hole in your winning pockets, but hey… such is the life of supply and demand, right?

Sounds like a plan, man or ma’am? The get to it then! I scanned the preview pages and my head nearly exploded because I saw TOO many references to stuff from back in the day. I’d say every panel has something and I got quite a chuckle going on the page with the old comic titles that might fly over the heads of the whippersnappers looking to score an easy grand. This one won’t be simple at all, but I know someone will luck out and score that loot…

Reads: To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis

To Live Forever CoverWhen Meriwether Lewis took a couple of bullets too many in his room at the Grinder’s Stand early in the morning of October 11, 1809, I’m sure Urban Dance Squad’s “Famous When You’re Dead” wasn’t playing in his head beforehand, nor was he thinking that he’d be immortalized in countless books, films and other media well into the present day.

In her new book, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis Charleston, SC based author Andra Watkins brings Lewis back to life in a beautiful and memorable manner, as his ghost becomes the guide for a young girl in 1977 as the pair travel from New Orleans to Nashville. Without spoiling much, the book grabs you from the first page and holds you down page after page thanks to Watkins’ solid pacing and fine writing style that blends fact, fantasy and fiction as the travelers work to overcome a few interesting obstacles of the living and dead variety… Continue reading

WIN FREE STUFF! Pokemon Book Looking For A Good Home!

UPDATE: ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO! The Capcom book is claimed! The Pokemon Visual Companion book is still looking for a new home! GRAB IT!

Poke-CapFor you breeders with little to teen readers or anyone who’s into either video games, Pokemon, Capcom history or fine (and game-related) illustration, I’ve got some treats to send out to two lucky folks who just so happen to live here in the connected states here in the U.S. of A.! Yes, you can grab ONE of these two excellent DK Books for FREE by simply leaving a comment below with which one you’d prefer. Winners will be chosen randomly on Friday from all responses received and yes, once I make sure you’re who you say you are and you live at an actual address within reach of the US Postal service via Media Mail, I’ll mail the books out to each person either Saturday or Monday depending on how quickly I get a response from the winners. Yeah, yeah, it’s a post-Christmas contest, but hey – any time of the year is a GOOD time to get something for nothing, right?

Sorry, no International shipping on these (yeah, yeah, I know, but books are stupidly pricey to get from point A to Pont Dupont or wherever and I’m pretty broke!), But anywhere in the 48 contiguous states is A-OK. Nope, I won’t sell or give your address to any spammers. I’m not facebook, you know!

Two Reads From Dark Horse For The Scary Season…

TFTC_V4Yeah, yeah… I know for SOME of you every day is scary, but get up and out in the sunshine once in a while and you’ll see that people aren’t SO bad after all. Then again, Halloween most certainly seems like a more than good time to stay IN after a certain hour in some places, so you’ve hopefully stocked up on food and drink, have enough TP to last a while and maybe some nice and scary movies queued up on your favorite device. Yeah, I know you still use that Betamax, so I was purposefully being vague in that previous sentence…

Now, If you’re a reader and like your things with words a bit on the scary side, you may as well venture out before it gets too dark and boogie on over to your nearest comics emporium just to pick up these two finely illustrated fright-filled tomes from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics. Tales From the Crypt: The EC Archives – Volume 4 is a chilling collection of classic 1950’s horror from some of the best in the business back then and despite their age, the pre-Comics Code tales of terror and that excellently detailed art will have your eyeballs dancing in their sockets as your brain tells them to calm down so it can process that scary stuff it’s trying to also see.

“Feh!” you say? Followed by “Aw, how can some old smelly comic that’s older than my granny be SCARY?” and a smug “They didn’t even HAVE horror back then!”. Well there, dear troll child… let me give you a taste of things to come… Continue reading

Creepy Archives #17: Nostalgia is Sheer Terror, NYC, Hot Pants, and Sharks…

Creepy Archives 17Dark Horse Comics has been compiling every issue of Warren Publishing’s excellent horror anthology magazines CREEPY and EERIE for some time now and I’ve finally had the chance to sit down with a few volumes. I had most of these mads back in the late 70’s and early 80’s when my comic collecting was getting seriously out of hand, so these reprints have been kicking me right in the nostalgic bits and it hurts so good.

Creepy Archives #17 is available as a pre-order from Things From Another World (buy it!) and among the other fine and frightening tales in this tome drawn by some great illustrators, by the way) are a few I recall quite fondly for different reasons Creepy #83 (October 1976) featured “Country Pie”, an interesting tale from workhorse writer Bruce Jones about a small town’s police trying to track a serial killer using a psychic’s clues as the killer meets up with his latest victim. While far Jones’ best script (it gives up its secret too soon and some will guess the twist right away), the story is remembered for its art from the unusual pairing of Carmine Infantino and Berni Wrightson (yes, it’s as weird as it sounds, but it works wonderfully). Infantino gets to ink his own work later in Bill DuBay’s somewhat average “The Last Super Hero”, but you’ll need to be a huge fan of his quirky artwork to truly appreciate it…

Continue reading

Buy It! The Art of Journey (or, My Psychic Powers Are Working Just Fine, Thank You…)


Ha and ha ha. I recall telling some folks from thatgamecompany a while back at a press event that an art book on the making of their groundbreaking PS3 exclusive Journey HAD to be released along with the game on a physical disc at some point and guess what? both are happening. Awesome, especially for those of us who KNOW that this medium NEEDS both a digital and physical means to archive milestones like this particular game.  It’s too bad that the pressure of making the game has broken up the team, but it looks as if everyone had landed elsewhere and at the end of the day, the game is still an incredible experience not to be missed.

Anyway, buy this book if you’re a fan of the game and hell, if you’re not a fan of the game and own a PS3, get the Journey Collector’s Edition when it hits stores and this book so you can see what all the fuss is about. Hmmm… Now I know what I want for Xmas (or a late birthday gift for myself, or an early retirement present, or whatever)…

CREEPY: An Old Friend Makes Another Comeback (Thanks To Dark Horse Comics)

Yikes, I’m old.  I used to have a HUGE collection of Warren mags back in the day with a few boxes of Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Famous Monsters of Filmland and even a handful of Blazing Combat issues taking up room along with my massive comic collection.  I sold them all off a few years back as more and more video games started taking over my free space (and time), but every so often it’s good to relive the days of ogling great art (much of it from a wide rage of comic legends) and occasionally being freaked out by a well-written horror tale.

These days, Dark Horse Comics is keeping that frightening little flame alive this fall with a new issue coming up, so keep your eyeballs peeled at your favorite comics emporium, I say. Oh, I was going to make a joke about that monster looking like the headboard from Hell or something, but I probably wouldn’t sleep right later.  Nothing like that monster under the bed getting pissed off because you now think it doesn’t exist, right?  Hmmmm… now I need a pot of coffee…

And Now, Another Not So Cryptic Message From Dark Horse Comics…

I think they’re trying to scare us all silly, but hey, if it keeps you comfortable and you like your graphic novel (or other reading material) inspired nightmares, go for it. That said, there’s something about turning actual pages that can’t be beat. Besides, falling asleep with your too toasty device in your lap might be bad for your babymaker, I hear…

This Week’s Fan Events: The Dark Knight Manual Signing, Kingdom Hearts 3D Launch

Hey! If you’re in the NYC area, have some spending money ready for a couple of cool new items and don’t mind a bit of queuing up, well, here you go: two events worth getting up early for (or skipping work for if you’re employed and can actually get away for a bit without getting caught by the boss). The first is at Midtown Comics’ downtown location this Thursday where author Brandon T. Snider will be signing copies of the just released (and pretty sweet goodie-packed collectible) Insight Publications book, The Dark Knight Manual.


The second event is this Saturday at the Nintendo World Store where Square Enix will unveil the newest in the popular Kingdom Hearts series of games, KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. Both events should be pretty hectic, but I’d say Nintendo has the edge here, as every event I’ve ever been to at the store has been packed with freebie-loving fanboys and girls ready for their close-ups. Anyway, get to both early and enjoy the day if you’re headed to either.