CREEPY: An Old Friend Makes Another Comeback (Thanks To Dark Horse Comics)

Yikes, I’m old.  I used to have a HUGE collection of Warren mags back in the day with a few boxes of Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Famous Monsters of Filmland and even a handful of Blazing Combat issues taking up room along with my massive comic collection.  I sold them all off a few years back as more and more video games started taking over my free space (and time), but every so often it’s good to relive the days of ogling great art (much of it from a wide rage of comic legends) and occasionally being freaked out by a well-written horror tale.

These days, Dark Horse Comics is keeping that frightening little flame alive this fall with a new issue coming up, so keep your eyeballs peeled at your favorite comics emporium, I say. Oh, I was going to make a joke about that monster looking like the headboard from Hell or something, but I probably wouldn’t sleep right later.  Nothing like that monster under the bed getting pissed off because you now think it doesn’t exist, right?  Hmmmm… now I need a pot of coffee…


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