Tembo The Badass Elephant Says: “Don’t Forget Me… OR ELSE!”


Is this new Sega-published game out tomorrow equal parts Rambo, Dumbo and Sonic the Hedgehog? Nope, not really… but it’s pretty darn close. But you probably want to buy Tembo the Badass Elephant because if you don’t, Tembo might get mad. And you don’t want to get Tembo mad at you because elephants don’t forget. Ever. Hey, I don’t know about YOU, but I don’t want to be in the shower or walking down the street on an other wise fine and dandy day when all of a sudden I hear a trumpety bellow and a wall comes crashing down on me that Tembo just burst through like a pissed off Kool-Aid Man. Seven and a half tons of fun on my head (not counting the rubble from building that just got crashed through)? Nope, not happening.

Anyway, the game in question SHOULD be bought and played not because of any unveiled threats, but because it’s from the geniuses at Game Freak, who brought Pokemon to the world for Nintendo consoles, a little VERY under-appreciated gem called Pulseman to the Sega Mega Drive back in the 90’s. So, YES. You need a little Tembo in your gaming life tomorrow. Or else you get a LOT of Tembo coming your way when you least expect it. PC, PS4 and Xbox One only. Wii U and handheld system owners? Well, I guess you’ll be getting a little big visit from some very angry elephant soon. And he won’t be playable. Carry a sack of peanuts and a live mouse with you at all times so you can distract him as you make good your escape.

WIN FREE STUFF! Pokemon Book Looking For A Good Home!

UPDATE: ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO! The Capcom book is claimed! The Pokemon Visual Companion book is still looking for a new home! GRAB IT!

Poke-CapFor you breeders with little to teen readers or anyone who’s into either video games, Pokemon, Capcom history or fine (and game-related) illustration, I’ve got some treats to send out to two lucky folks who just so happen to live here in the connected states here in the U.S. of A.! Yes, you can grab ONE of these two excellent DK Books for FREE by simply leaving a comment below with which one you’d prefer. Winners will be chosen randomly on Friday from all responses received and yes, once I make sure you’re who you say you are and you live at an actual address within reach of the US Postal service via Media Mail, I’ll mail the books out to each person either Saturday or Monday depending on how quickly I get a response from the winners. Yeah, yeah, it’s a post-Christmas contest, but hey – any time of the year is a GOOD time to get something for nothing, right?

Sorry, no International shipping on these (yeah, yeah, I know, but books are stupidly pricey to get from point A to Pont Dupont or wherever and I’m pretty broke!), But anywhere in the 48 contiguous states is A-OK. Nope, I won’t sell or give your address to any spammers. I’m not facebook, you know!