Yeah, Yeah… it’s Friday the 13th (You May Want to Watch Your Step)…

(thanks, oldhollywoodtrailers!) 

You may as well get some entertainment as you’re dodging black cats and ladders with buckets on them, right? However, if you’re bopping down the street reading this on your phone or tablet, there’s an open manhole waiting to say “Hello!”. What, you’re laughing at that trailer above because it’s old and not so scary? OK, I’ve got you now:

(thanks, justontime100!) 

What, you have some good luck left? Grrrr… ZAP!

(thanks, VEVO!)

Hmmm… no? Still feeling lucky, punk? OK, try this:

(thanks, kanizu00!)

Yeah, the lady ALWAYS wins… Enjoy that banana peel slide into traffic.