Oh, That’s Right: Orphan Black Season 3


Aha! I knew I was forgetting something important I had to do tonight. Well, that’s it above. Between this and Game of Thrones kicking off next Sunday, my weekends are officially booked. I wasn’t sure about those new male clones introduced last season, but I’ll give the show the benefit of the doubt until it trips over something and goes BOOM. Well, even if that happens, Tatiana Maslany will always get her part(s) right.

Random Film of the Week(end): Camel Spiders

Camel Spiders DVD CoverOkay, I was bored, annoyed and in the mood for something stupid to waste about an hour and a half or so. That sort of opening line is usually reserved for someone confessing to a crime of some sort. But it was my excuse for sitting down last night to watch Camel Spiders, a 2011 direct to video “B” flick so laughable and intentionally awful that it made me forget about most of the stuff bugging me.

Initially, just seeing the title made me laugh enough to want to check it out and see if it was as cheesy as it sounded. But it wasn’t until about 2/3 of the way in that I remembered that “Camel Spiders” are real, really large and have a somewhat larger following. Well, I’m sure those so-called fans would run the other way (and right into a wall) if they came across one or more of these eight-legged freaks in real life. Unlike too many of the victims in this dopey film who just stand there and get attacked or approach those puppy-sized pests with curiosity that just gets them killed off quickly… Continue reading

TCM Wants You To Stay Up Late Weekends…With No Chaperone!

Although unsupervised movie watching is ALWAYS a darn good idea in my book, TCM’s Underground kind of NEEDS a friendly yet slightly sinister guide to the treasures it holds within. Granted, the channel tried using a host in the past (Rob Zombie), but his tenure didn’t last all that long. I’d LOVE to do this job, as I know a bit about some of the films they run and don’t mind researching the ones I don’t know about. Then again, I’m not exactly the most exciting person on camera as I think I have an aversion to being filmed and I’m not at well-tempered enough to sit in a makeup chair (unless someone’s going to make me look like some monster from a 50’s “B” movie!).

Hmmm, perhaps a compromise is in order. I’ll pretend to host the films while watching at home (yeah, I’ll be talking out loud to my television. Quiet, you in the back!) and TCM can pretend to pay me for my efforts. Yeah, that should work out just FINE. La la la laaa. La la laaaa. I’m a STAR! (Cue the men in white coats in 3… 2… 1..)

Ah, The Numbers Game And How It Plays These Days…

(thanks, LostInSpace1997!) 

Although I really should, I don’t pay much attention to how many people actually read this site other than to check whatever reports WordPress sends my way or if someone who wants to send me something to review asks for stats just to know I’ve at least the minimum amount of traffic they require (I do, by the way). That’s thanks to the numbers going up and down over time and the general unreliability of the internet in gauging whether or not someone is a real person, someone pretending to be someone else, or a well-tuned spambot just doing its thing. I actually “lost” about 100 or so followers from my old site when it was on Blogger thanks to a facebook hiccup that I’ve never been able to figure out and me not wanting to personally shoot out emails to each and everyone of those people to see what was up. I know some were probably spambots or folks who ran crappy get rich quick scam sites full of links no one needed to see, so good riddance to them. On the other hand, I do wonder about the rest of the folks who didn’t transfer over from Blogger, as I still see them on the old site when I swing by to change the banner there once a month.

Any-waaaay, I’ve been hovering around 666 followers for a few days now, as if no one wants to take the plunge and get “unlucky”. Actually, I’d need 667 followers to hit that number, as I don’t count myself as a subscriber even though I clicked that box by accident once day and got annoyed because I’d be getting emails about posts I just made as I made them and was trying to get LESS email and not more. Oh well. That said, I don’t really care who subscribes as long as they read and enjoy what’s here. I’m not about to pull a facebook here and sneakily force you to speak up when you don’t want to. “Like” it or not, as long as you’re reading, I’ll keep writing…

Humor? “It’s Saturday! Let’s Go Dancin!”

I used to be one of THOSE people. Yeah, you know if you’re old enough and lived in a big enough city with clubs and nightlife. Yeah, I was a dancer… or a “dancer”, but not on a weekly basis like many, many others who caught the bug that turned into Saturday Night Fever or Dance Fever later on. I think I had the milder version that didn’t morph into Dance Disease, so I’m lucky. I didn’t do a LOT of clubbing with the intention to dance, as hey, no lessons plus terminal terrified shyness isn’t good for steppin’ out at all. Thus the wonders of booze loosening the brain and legs was discovered and some embarrassing flailing away for a few rapturous minutes later, one steps away from the scene, hot and sweaty and smiling at the effort put forth.

Eh, it always worked better in the cartoons. It took me a while to realize this until I got the flu ans camped out one weekend in front of the tube. Go Woody!, Go Daffy, Go Bugs! Too much of that and I was CURED, never to shake that tail feather again. This is how it should be for some and how it is these days. You want me to dance? You’d better be throwing some bills on the floor or have a gun with blanks pointed at my feet.