Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Cover Art (What, No PSP Version?!)


And a nice trailer for good measure (in case you haven’t seen it yet). I’m liking this sequel a lot based on the stuff I’ve seen and heard because it has actual voice acting and what’s looking like a pretty cool story. Of course, that it doesn’t look bad at all helps out quite a bit. Traveler’s Tales Is doing what looks to be its most polished work for current gen platforms, but the game is also hitting nearly every other platform (except the PSP). So, if you’ve got something to play games on that’s not a phone or tablet, you’re DEFINITELY covered.


Nintendo Plans For NYCC Blowout

Ups and downs aside, you can always count on Nintendo to give gamers what they want when it comes to showing off key first and third-party titles. At next week’s New York Comic Con, the company is rolling out the big guns and as usual, their booth will be jammed from the minute fans step inside the Javits Center. In addition, there’s a Professor Layton anime premiere at the show as well as the Pokemon Gaming Lounge located near the convention center, so there’s definitely more than enough to do if you’re a huge Nintendo fanatic. Titles they’re showing include: Continue reading

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Flipnote + How To Draw Link Videos

Between the cool 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword coming to the Wii soon, the live symphonic concert and a few other treats for fans new and old, Nintendo even has some nice and arty Zelda-themed surprises in these two videos. I like that green DSi XL in the How To Draw Link clip, but we’ll see if it’s actually released outside of Japan. Seeing that Link sketch reminded me that I have a long-unfinished pencil piece here that I need to finally get done one of these days…

Konami NYC Gamers’ Night Impressions

Konami swung into NYC with a nice selection of upcoming releases that showed off the company’s commitment to variety and pure fun with a number of family friendly console and handheld titles. Of course, scaring the crap out of a few folks with two impressive horror games was also on the agenda. I ended up playing most of what was shown and came away impressed with them all, as you’ll see below in this quick rundown. I’ll also post longer Hands-On previews of a few of these titles shortly. Continue reading

Infinite Space Teaser Anime Clip 1

Sega’s upcoming Nintendo DS deep space Strategy/RPG Infinite Space won’t arrive until next year, but here’s a great anime teaser set in the game universe that does a splendid job at luring you into the game’s galactic setting while introducing some of the principal characters – enjoy!