Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Trailer: Grimlock Gets A Mean Makeover

Like it or not, nostalgia is very often a hard horse-kick to the head disguised as a wake up call. I liked the toy designs, but actually hated those corny-ass 80’s kiddie cartoons and the awful 1986 animated Transformers movie to no end (“Dare to be Stupid” indeed), but thankfully, there have been a few very cool licensed games for assorted consoles over the years. Melbourne House’s excellent PS2 game from a few years back was my personal favorite until War for Cybertron hit and it looks as if Fall of Cybertron is set to bump things up more than a few notches. I’m hoping they give this version of Grimlock a fitting voice, as that goofball dopey metal Bizarro sounding junk from the old shows definitely wouldn’t fit the darker tone the trailer exudes. We shall see…

Activision Has Me Doing Silly Stuff & Liking It…

I kicked a helicopter yesterday. Twice. Once in that picture to the left and once while playing the fantastic Prototype 2 demo at NYCC. The game is coming along REALLY nicely, as Radical Entertainment is pulling out the stops to create a faster-paced, brilliantly bloody chunk of a game that’s bound to be a hit. Everything I played at the Activision booth was pure fun on a stick and yes, worth a purchase when it hits stores. Also: Eurocom  just rocks. GoldenEye: Reloaded’s multiplayer is lighting fast and looks even more spectacular on the Xbox 360. I’m still looking forward to the PS3 version to review as I want to play with the Move controller and see how well it’s been implemented into the game. I also liked the bit of X-Men Destiny I tried and Spider-Man Edge of Time is Beenox’s nifty little effects-packed sleeper starring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. The developer is also at work on a tie-in game for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film (nice!). Speaking of licensed games, the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron teaser was too short, but in a great, “Holy Cats, you can play as a big metal dinosaur!” kind of way. If it’s as good as War for Cybertron was, fans are in for a hell of a ride. Back in a bit…

Capcom’s NYCC Plans: Frights, Fights and… Football?

Since I’m a bit busy today (actually I’m working on a ton of stuff before the convention crush), I’ll be too lazy and just run the entire release below the jump. Dragon’s Dogma, Asura’s Wrath and the Resident Evil titles are all on my list of things to play, but I’ll also try out the fighters even though I’m terrible at them. And yes, if you’re bad at fighters at the Capcom booth, you’re pretty much getting beat up on screen and off. Maybe my press barge will get me some slack cut. I’m definitely staying away from that football event, but it should be amusing to watch (I hope no one gets hurt making an ass out of themselves for a prize, but hey – you can’t stop a raging fan from doing his or her thing for swag!)

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Nintendo Plans For NYCC Blowout

Ups and downs aside, you can always count on Nintendo to give gamers what they want when it comes to showing off key first and third-party titles. At next week’s New York Comic Con, the company is rolling out the big guns and as usual, their booth will be jammed from the minute fans step inside the Javits Center. In addition, there’s a Professor Layton anime premiere at the show as well as the Pokemon Gaming Lounge located near the convention center, so there’s definitely more than enough to do if you’re a huge Nintendo fanatic. Titles they’re showing include: Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2011 Is Coming…

Great! Press registration is now officially open, so I’ll be getting on that ASAP. From my quick peek at the site, this year looks as if it’ll be crazier than last, but I really HOPE that NYCC fixes the rather stupid line situation that’s made merely getting on the show floor a pain in the neck. We shal see, I guess…

Lost In Shadow Hands-On

After looking at many Lost In Shadow screens and a few haunting gameplay movies since the game was announced, I finally had the great opportunity to get some hands-on time with the game at Hudson's New york Comic Con booth this past weekend. The game is not only visually striking, it's also highly innovative and absolutely recommended for gamers of all stripes thanks to the blend of platforming, adventure and later, combat against an assortment of shadow creatures. There's a good deal of depth here from the great use of the 2D plane in 3D environments to how well the visuals convey a certain emotional impact through light, color and yes, shadow usage.

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Hands-On

Adding zombies to any game seems to be the one way to assure interest and indeed, reasonable sales once gamers get wind of the undead aspect creeping into their favorite games. Rockstar Games has something wicked this way coming for Red Dead Redemption fans this winter with the release of the Undead Nightmare expansion for the PS3 and Xbox 360. At this year's New York Comic Con, thousands of gamers got the chance to go hands-on with the upcoming DLC and walk away with a cool poster and a chance to score a pack of extremely limited edition playing cards. UN will feature a solid single player campaign plus yet to be announced multiplayer features, some amazingly creepy zombies of different speeds and a number of missions to tackle set in and around familiar locations from the main game.

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AMC’s The Walking Dead Gets NYCC Premiere

Yet another really cool thing about New York Comic Con is the chance to see upcoming film and TV promos complete with many of the fine folks who've helped create them. AMC's new zombie series based on the great Image comic hits cable on Halloween, but thanks to IGN, NYCC attendees will get the chance to see a bit of it earlier as well as toss a few questions at the cast and creative staff.

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Cartoon Network/Adult Swin NY ComicCon Panel Info

Going to this year's NY Comic Con (October 8-10)? Well, here's what Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have planned:

LOTS OF STUFF! Ha Ha. Click to read more (Free Shuttle Bus actually included)…

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