LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril Comes to Nintendo DS (Wait, DS Games Are STILL Being Made?)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes DS Box ArtHey, that’s news to me and as I still play DS games (more often than 3DS games, to tell you the truth), I’m intertested in giving this one a go at some point. It’s odd that this is shipping out now, as the Vita and 3DS versions came out late last year. On the other hand, I’m sure that the DS version was a bit low on the totem pole as far as getting done thanks to there not being a huge demand for games for that handheld these days.

Now, does a late launch mean lesser quality? Well, I guess I’ll discover that news soon enough, right? Okay, back to prowling the floor at Toy Fair. I’m overwhelmed with all this cool stuff everywhere I look. Gyah! That and I have a package or three coming today with some games in it and I’m actually dying to get out of here and go play some stuff. We’ll have to see about getting a helper monkey for these press events, so don’t be surprised if I start walking around with an accordion and a tin cup in my bag.

Monster High: 13 Wishes Looks to Scare Up Some Halloween Fun on Nintendo Platforms

Although… it’s quite funny to me because some parental groups out there are more scared of Monster High than they are of actual bad things, blaming the hugely popular dolls for all the wrong things and in some cases, banning their daughters from even going near anything related to the show. Too bad for those eternal sourpusses, I say. Maybe they REALLY need to do some gaming to chill out for a bit and see that it’s not eeeeee-vil at all. Maybe they need to play Monster High: 13 Wishes out NOW exclusively for all current Nintendo platforms (Wii U, Wii, 3DS/2DS and DS).

This one looks like it’ll be simple and reliable platforming fun for fans of the dolls and yes indeed, I think I’d play this just because I like the unpretentious nature of the family-friendly licensed game. Okay, that sounded pompous, didn’t it? Hey, don’t let the “big” words scare you off now, I say. If you’re a fan of the girls, you’ll probably be giving this a by for that kid who wants it but then play it yourself once they’re asleep. Hey, we all need a guilty pleasure and if this keeps your head out of the fridge and out of that bowl of Halloween candy, it’s all good, right?

The Croods: Prehistoric Party Hands-On: The New “Modern Stone Age Family” Board Game


croods_wii_keyart (Custom)croods_wiiu_keyart (Custom) With Dreamworks’ new family friendly animated film The Croods heading for a March 22, 2013 release in theaters, D3Publisher of America is getting a fun little tie in game out exclusively to all four current Nintendo platforms. The Croods: Prehistoric Party isn’t at all the platformer you’d expect to drop into stores as a quickie cash in product, but a fun board game in the vein of the Mario Party franchise that packs in mini-games galore for one to four players. D3P rolled into NYC last week with a Wii U build and I got a nice bit of playtime with it as well as a look at the movie trailer (below the jump for your viewing pleasure if you’ve yet to see it). Torus Games has whipped up a cool-looking easy to hop into game that should get anyone who liked the film cracking up in front of the TV and bringing a few friends or family members along for the ride…

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Marvel Finally Gets The LEGO Treatment Later This Year


TT Games is back at work on another new licensed LEGO game, but this time it’s an all Marvel title set to hit no fewer than seven consoles (PC, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS) by the end of the year. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be set initially in a stylized Lego New York City before spreading out into other locations familiar to comics fans and according to the press release, “offers an original storyline in which Nick Fury calls upon Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine and other heroes spanning the Marvel Universe to save Earth from such threats as the vengeance of Loki and the hunger of Galactus, Devourer of the Worlds.”

Right now, that’s the sole image for the game above, but that’s going to change soon enough, folks. Expect this family-friendly superhero fun blast sometime in Fall 2013.

VGA 101: New Additions (One Joker, One Ace)…

sencha_sunStop! Blurry photo time! OK, I really couldn’t pass up Golden Sun: Dark Dawn brand new for five bucks (I guess the game didn’t sell all that well, huh?), so that’s another RPG for my Nintendo DS, which needs to be replaced as it’s finally on its last legs, er hinge. The right side hinge had a tiny crack in it for a while and that crack developed into a split and eventually, a chunk came out of the hinge which led to the piece of plastic inside falling out a few days ago. Rats. It’s a good thing that top screen is connected in the left side. Yeah, I’m a TOTAL cheapskate, kids. I don’t toss anything aside that still works, making me a spokesperson for console longevity over yearly replacements (one reason I’ll never own another Apple product).

As for The Simple 2000 Vol. 32: The Sensha, this PS2 import as also inexpensive and has a bunch of tanks in it. Woo hoo. I happen to like tank-based games (well, tanks in general are kinda cute, but don’t tell anyone I said that), so it was a no-brainer purchase. Granted, if I liked GOOD tank games I’d not have bought this one at all, but it has a few redeeming points that make it worth playing through. It’s a bit sparse visually and it’s definitely NOT an arcade game along the lines of TANK! TANK! TANK!, but it’s a nice counterpoint conversation piece. I’d still prefer someone do whip up a new version of the Dreamcast sleeper Panzer Front (still one of the more impressive console simulations I’ve played), but the chances of that are pretty much zero these days…

Video Game Appreciation 101: Zombies vs. Pirates! Zombies Win.

Amusingly enough, I recdead_minesently requested a review copy of the retail version The Walking Dead from Telltale, but was told they were out of them for the moment and instead I got PSN codes for all five episodes. Which is fine, except for the fact that I can’t use PSN on my PS3 here. So, I simply decided to support the company a few days back by buying a copy of the game from Best Buy.  Telltale gets my thirty bucks and I get to play the game everyone is raving about.  Done and done. A few hours later I get an email from Best Buy telling me the game has shipped out and I can expect it between the 27th and January 2nd. Whee.  But guess what? The mailman pops up today with a bunch of packages and supriiiiiiise! I get a package from Telltale with the retail copy of game you see in the photo. Which means with the PSN codes and the Best Buy Limited Edition I have on the way, I’ll end up with THREE copies of the Walking Dead. Damn zombies are multiplyin’ like rabbits around here, I tells ya…

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Transformers Prime – The Game: Today’s Lesson in Multi-Platform Visuals (Nintendo Version)…


Ack! It’s a stupidly busy day for me (I’m buried in a few too many games this week), but here’s a quickie post about Transformers Prime – The Game, set to hit the Wii U (and Wii, 3DS and DS) on November 18th. I find it interesting that the visual style skews a bit younger than High Moon’s War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, and it seems a few internet idiots are mistaking this for Nintendo’s new console not having enough power to render a more” realistic” looking game. The Wii U can indeed handle higher texture and model detail just fine. Go peek at more screens and HD movies of the launch lineup to confirm this. I’d gather that as the game was probably started on the Wii, the Wii U version is more likely than not using the same assets and will run in HD where the Wii version won’t.  Thus endeth the lesson – now go play some games!


Random New Additions, Random Edition (Some Games and Movies)…

OK, I’m lousy at updating my library pics unlike some of my fellow collectors on WP, but here’s a random sampling of stuff I’ve picked up through budget buys or a few trades. I’ve played all of the PS3 games in the photo previously on the 360, but as I have the worst luck with that console in terms of keeping them working after a few months (shakes fist at non-working 360’s sitting nearby collecting dust), I’ve had to pick the games shown up again. All are great in their own ways with El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and Shadows of the Damned near polar opposites in weirdness, tone and impact (bot are good, but supremely strange). Warhammer 40K: Space Marine is a big, beefy kill-fest extravaganza that’s quite well done but fairly linear. It’s one of the more visceral action games I’ve played in that you’re going to be wading into packs of Orks and chunking up enemies by assorted means, all of them satisfying. It’s too bad THQ has been having assorted financial issues, as this one NEEDS a sequel or new installment (perhaps on other platforms).

As for the DS stuff, I really liked Blue Dragon on the 360 (with the exception of searching, no, SCOURING maps for items found much easier in other RPGs), so getting Blue Dragon Plus was something I wanted to do for a while. Fortunately, Canada’s best kept secret, online entertainment retailer, had it dirt cheap new, albeit with a HUGE sticker on the outer cardboard slipcase (argh). THe DS game is actually a RTS with RPG elements and takes a bit of getting used to. While searching for this, I found out there’s a second DS Blue Dragon game (Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow) that got released in the US. It’s a bit more expensive from what I’ve seen so far, so on the wait/want list it goes. I think I ran a pic of Magical Starsign a while back, but in case i didn’t – here you go. Developer Brownie Brown also worked on Blue Dragon Plus, but the games are so different that you can’t tell at all.

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Got Kids? Prepare For A Moshi Monsters Moshlings Invasion on DS & 3DS


If you’ve got wee ones around ages 6 – 12 who are online savvy and enjoy a bit of allowed and supervised social game time, you’ve probably heard of Moshi Monsters, one of the latest (and hugest) virtual pet worlds online today. 65 million registered users is nothing to sneeze and and now Mind Candy is taking the fun to Nintendo DS and 3DS systems on October 30, 2012 with Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park, which looks to be one of those interesting hybrid games that lets players interact offline while also granting them access to new online content through a few fun means.

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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! Trailer: Um, Because It Was Free?

OK, so I’m hot “hip” like the rest of you kids, as I’ve NEVER seen an episode of Adventure Time. But, I do like funky games like this, so yeah, I’ll play it when it comes out. That said, the answer to that wacky title SHOULD be something like “Because We have a much cooler game on the way!” as in, I hope to hell you’re going to announce that Earth Defense Force 3 IS indeed Vita-bound in the U.S. of A., D3! It’s looking spectacular and could be one of the biggest games on Sony’s handheld in terms of sheer replay value. So, yeah – let’s hear some BIG news around this year’s TGS about giant bugs, spaceships and robots – you’ll make a lot of EDF maniacs like me really, really happy…