Activision Has Me Doing Silly Stuff & Liking It…

I kicked a helicopter yesterday. Twice. Once in that picture to the left and once while playing the fantastic Prototype 2 demo at NYCC. The game is coming along REALLY nicely, as Radical Entertainment is pulling out the stops to create a faster-paced, brilliantly bloody chunk of a game that’s bound to be a hit. Everything I played at the Activision booth was pure fun on a stick and yes, worth a purchase when it hits stores. Also: Eurocom  just rocks. GoldenEye: Reloaded’s multiplayer is lighting fast and looks even more spectacular on the Xbox 360. I’m still looking forward to the PS3 version to review as I want to play with the Move controller and see how well it’s been implemented into the game. I also liked the bit of X-Men Destiny I tried and Spider-Man Edge of Time is Beenox’s nifty little effects-packed sleeper starring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. The developer is also at work on a tie-in game for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film (nice!). Speaking of licensed games, the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron teaser was too short, but in a great, “Holy Cats, you can play as a big metal dinosaur!” kind of way. If it’s as good as War for Cybertron was, fans are in for a hell of a ride. Back in a bit…

1 thought on “Activision Has Me Doing Silly Stuff & Liking It…

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