Asura’s Wrath DLC Packs Quite The Punch (And Needs To Be Put On A Disc)…


Wow, It really stinks to be an Asura’s Wrath fan without a decent online connection, that’s for sure. Capcom has launched the first of a few killer add-ons for CyberConnect 2’s manly muscle-bound masterpiece that in the coming weeks will include some pretty amazing content.  Starting today over PSN (and tomorrow over Xbox Live), “Episode 11.5” launches, followed next week (April 3) by “Episode 15.5” hitting PSN and XBL. Each episode will sell for 1.99 over PSN or 160 MS Points over Xbox Live.  April 24 hits even harder with a four-episode content pack for 6.99 (560 MS Points) and finally, May will be the big killer month for many AW fans. Why? Capcom plans to pit Asura up against two of Street Fighter’s legendary combatants, Ryu (May 9) and Akuma (May 16). Each content pack will be 1.99 over PSN and 160 MS Points through Xbox Live.

Hey, Capcom! I’d actually pay a little extra for a expansion disc with ALL that content and I’d bet a lot of others would too. Think about it.

Capcom Fans Go Mad For Asura’s Wrath (But Not Quite Like You’d Expect)


Always vigilant, Capcom (through its Capcom Unity blog), does its part in keeping some gamers off their usual slippery soapboxes griping about stuff by asking them to submit a rage-filled video clip to YouTube to support Asura’s Wrath (go buy it, it’s awesome stuff and original as hell in terms of a few things). Here are the best of the best (and some others you’ll want to check out. Enter the Rage Cage, sit back and prepare to laugh (hopefully you have some earplugs handy and don’t mind screaming)…


Asura’s Wrath: Wow. I Bet Jack Kirby Would Have LOVED This Game…

As far as I know, the late, great comic art legend (and creator/co-creator of far too many important characters to count for Marvel, DC and a few other publishers) never did any video game design work. Nevertheless, a lot of game creators around the world have clearly been inspired by Kirby’s work and it’s always fun to play something that manages to nail certain elements in his art perfectly. It’s great to see a game like CyberConnect2’s latest on store shelves that pays homage to The King’s wilder Silver Age art along with his epic “Fourth World” saga, so go support Capcom and give the game a shot, I say.

Sure, it’s easy to think the game is ONLY anime-influenced if you ONLY follow anime and have no sense of comics history. On the other hand, as an ancient comics fan from the late 60’s and beyond playing the game, I’m seeing a bit of New Gods here, some of the Galactus saga there along with the massive scope and scale of the outrageous battles and characters that remind me of Jack’s work. Yup, I’m loving Asura’s Wrath so far – My full review will go up over the weekend.

Asura’s Wrath US Launch Trailer: This Year’s GOD HAND, I Say…

CyberConnect2’s masterpiece mash-up is in stores NOW for the PS3 and Xbox 360, so grab it. My review copy is on the way, so I can’t wait to see how it turned out. I played the demo to death and back, so I have a good idea of what’s coming. Still, I always go into a review with NO expectations, as it helps judge a game based on its own merits and not stacked up to something completely different. Yeah, yeah, I made a GOD HAND reference in the title above, but I meant in terms of how quirky, funny and flat out insanely creative both games ended up.

Gallery Update: Asura’s Wrath

Whoops. I forgot to run these screens with the trailer the other day, so here you go.  The demo is out now, so go play it and groove on the weirdness and crazy action taking place. The funny thing about the demo is thanks to the score in one section, you can tell if someone’s playing it if they’re blasting their TV too loud. As I said already, I really HOPE people “get” what CyberConnect2 is doing here in terms of presentation, as the game breaks a few rules and sets up a few new ones that work for the story it’s telling…

Asura’s Wrath Demo Is Alive & Kicking (and Punching) Over PSN/Xbox Live

POW! With its February 21, 2012 release right around the corner, CyberConnect2’s paradigm-changing cinematic action game finally gets a playable demo and it’s purely insane earth-shaking stuff of the gods.  And it’s funny as hell, too. Go play it and enjoy the crazy ride it takes you on. Capcom’s got a mega hit here that deserves a wide audience, so hopefully folks who think games like GOD HAND are the best thing since sliced bread will be all over this and tell as many friends as possible how cool it all is. What, you’re still reading this post? Don’t you have a demo to download? Go on, shoo!

Asura’s Wrath One-Two Trailer Punch: Bet On This To Beat Your Mind Senseless (In A Good Way)…

It’s very hard not to ignore CyberConnect 2’s crazy cinematic action game and each time I see it in action, I’m glad the developer decided to get more creative than they have with their string of reliably feature-packed Naruto titles. Granted, what’s here is a few light years beyond weird in terms of nearly all about it. But that’s exactly what the industry needs, I say: more studios, large and small working on new IP that will shake things up a bit.

Hopefully, some of you folks out there will agree and want to come along form the ride. Capcom will appreciate that and CC2 will REALLY appreciate it even more,as it’ll show that there’s room at the inn for more originality and not just “me too” sequel mentality.

Asura’s Wrath Hands-On: One Of These Days, Argus… Bang, Zoom!

Thanks to a soundproof glass booth where attendees lined up to scream in order to win cool swag, Capcom and CyberConnect 2 had gamers literally screaming to play Asura’s Wrath, the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 cinematic action game that’s so very hard to describe in the space of something like the entire Internet. OK, overblown hyperbole aside, the demo on the show floor was quite an experience that packed in over the top quick time events, a bit of strategic button bashing and a classical music score that made the experience quite hilarious. This is shaping up to be one of those games that has to be seen and played to be believed and even after that, you’d probably wonder what the hell just happened. Think the mighty God Hand on steroids and with a serious case of rage issues and well, that’s about a tenth of what’s coming your way next year. Continue reading

Capcom’s NYCC Plans: Frights, Fights and… Football?

Since I’m a bit busy today (actually I’m working on a ton of stuff before the convention crush), I’ll be too lazy and just run the entire release below the jump. Dragon’s Dogma, Asura’s Wrath and the Resident Evil titles are all on my list of things to play, but I’ll also try out the fighters even though I’m terrible at them. And yes, if you’re bad at fighters at the Capcom booth, you’re pretty much getting beat up on screen and off. Maybe my press barge will get me some slack cut. I’m definitely staying away from that football event, but it should be amusing to watch (I hope no one gets hurt making an ass out of themselves for a prize, but hey – you can’t stop a raging fan from doing his or her thing for swag!)

Continue reading

TGS 2011: Asura’s Wrath Trailer

As a fan of CyberConnect 2’s work for some years now, I was over the moon for Asura’s Wrath as soon as I saw it at last year’s TGS. The game is looking even better a year later and yes, this trailer does yet another great job at showing off how wild it’s all going to be. I do hope that people enjoy all the hard work that’s going into this god-smashing insanity, as I “got” the game almost immediately. Then again, I’m so old, I pre-date pixels, so I “get” most everything. Anyway, It’s going to be a blast, that’s for sure…